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I use F10 to start/stop fraps recording. settings are full size, audio from primary sound device with mic enabled, record capped at 25 Frames/sec. Roughly 1GB file size per per minute of recording.

biggest bottleneck for me is the 5200rpm HDD it records to. *sigh* must update to a SSD. That would be after I go hang gliding for my birthday.

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Trying MSI, but finding the recorded video is much, much darker than my on-screen display ie, what I see when I'm actually playing. Tried gamma correction both on and off, the only way around it for me is to blow the gamma out to ridiculous levels and play in pastel. So, how do you get MSI to record with the same brightness and color saturation you actually have on screen?
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PlayClaw does the same thing, although, not as bad as what you're describing. I only notice the difference for nighttime footage. What I do is adjust the gamma afterwards on video editing software when its an issue. Have a look at your footage in VLC, you can change the gamma levels on playback in there to get an idea of what you might be able to do with it in post-production.

I never had that issue with BF3, but then, it's not really got really dark scenes. I'm wondering if its an ARMA issue perhaps. Maybe try recording a different game and see if it does it there as well?

Have you had a look on their support forums to see if anyone else is having issues?
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