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red_one 17th August 2012 01:00 PM

This is how TOG makes DayZ better.
What can TOG offer DayZ players?
Welcome to our public forum!
TOG is a community of mature gamers, with a great variety of interests.
This is the DayZ section – for people to discuss all things regarding the Arma2 zombie mod.

DayZ is a game unique in its unforgiving play-style – a large issue in the game is knowing who you can trust, and who will shoot you in the back when they find a weapon. TOG can help!

TOG members have access to the DayZ division section, which is full of members-only discussion.
We have set up a structure for groups of members called “Tribes” - each tribe can be considered like a “clan” in other games – they have leaders, rules, and their own expectations of what DayZ can be.

TOG provides a forum for members of the Tribes to communicate internally, with forums and in-game voice (via Teamspeake) and also a Tribal Council, consisting of tribe leaders for the purpose of facititating tribal relations and diplomacy.

We currently have two tribes: The TOG tribe and the “Face First” tribe. Each tribe has different play-styles, and different people participating. If there isn't a group that suits your style, you can always create your own!

Whether you're into driving around Chernarus in a bus, looking for people to help, or prefer hunting players in Chernogorsk, we have a tribe that can improve your DayZ experience.

Hit up the Barracks for an application, and enjoy DayZ with Older Gamers!

Some photos coming :)

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