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Default friendly pvp

I play on Tog's dayz server for a while now and i prefer playing pvp/bandit style but looking for all the gear you lose when you die is not as fun.

is there a possability to make a deal.
when you kill me take what gear you want/need off me and don't hide the body, so i can atleast scavange some of it like matches, sidearm whatever.
and i will do the same for you. ussaly i dont hide bodies when i kill someone but im starting to feel the urge for payback...

But! I thought lets try it in a civiliced manner first
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Hi Farsight,

Far as I see it, bandits losing gear is the only retribution I get.

I don't shoot first and often come up short, but I expect no less.

Hiding bandit bodies, like yours, is a last middle finger to your kind from mine and I mean no RL disrespect but theres no way I'll stop.

That feel you get when you return to find your corpse gone, same one I get when I get blind-sided by a bandit.

Denying you, or anyone who comes across your corpse the tools to attack me or my friends seems more common sense to me than the need for diplomacy with bandits!

Nice try Mr bandit, but I will not agree to your terms sir!

Jump into TS if you want to negotiate for your life, stuff, even hook up with bandit buddies.

I'm sure alot of people will have no problem saving your stuff, just not me.
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I recall this one time a few weeks ago I did not hide a corpse I came upon. Wasn't even my kill.

I just forgot to click this option that I do on every single corpse I ever find/loot.

I actually felt bad/sick when I realised what I have done, like when you forget to lock your front door when going on holidays in eastern europe. You do the same thing every single time (lock your house door/hide corpse) then one day, total mind blank and you forget.
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