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Default Waste Land?

Anyone playing any WasteLand?

Totaly PVP - Like dayz but no zombies

Team vs Team (Blufor + Opfor) or pick Independent and kikll everything.
Massive base building and plenty of vehicles. Engineer can repair damaged vehicles =)

No downloads, just fire up Arma2 OA, go multiplayer and under filter type "wasteland"
And join the server you will download file from server.

See ya in my sights =)
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Yep, we are playing it pretty much daily.

Join us in the TS server.
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Generally on AU #1.
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Wasteland is great in my view, placing a few strategically postioned apers or trip wires and waiting for the explosions, he he he he ....."no visit to the gun store for you my friend".

It has something for everybody - base building, driving, hunting & gathering, setting traps, stalking, ruthless stratergy making, flying and in my case a lot of crashing. " ummm we might need another repair kit".

If you see me online, we can make a team.
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