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Really enjoying the game, plays so must better than Arma2... (I really should learn whos on my side though - lol).

I've had a crash on me a few times and now and again it goes into 2FPS mode but clears up after 30 seconds or so...

And I can't get on the wasteland servers, it crashes straight away when joining..... but apart of that, its great of an Alpha!
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ARMA3 is looking and running pretty sweet. However there's still the same problems as in ARMA2 on modes like Domination eg.

1. Hackers - played for 30secs before being teleported about 3,000ft into the air with everyone else without a parachute...nice; and
2. Domination in ARMA3 - same as ARMA2 where the old pilot with the chopper decideds to use it for practice before crashing into the side of a hill...whilst the rest of us are waiting patiently at the airfield. *sigh*

Still though...I love the new movements and inventory system..not clunky like in '2.
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I have been really enjoying the ARMA 3 alpha release. It is so smooth and stable for an alpha release, I am amazed. I've had one crash and a couple of huge lag spikes, bu that is all after nine hours in-game.

I'm hoping TOG gets a dedicated ARMA 3 sub-forum and strong support from the community.
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