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Default ArmaII groups

Hey all,
Been playing mostly wasteland on arma2 lately and I'm looking for something a little more group based. Just wondering if there are any active groups in Aus/NZ that run missions and would let me join in.
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Hey Fuzzy,

There is a very active Aus/NZ group doing ArmA 2 Wasteland runs virtually every night at the moment. Mostly we're members of the Face First Tribe in the TOG DayZ Division.

Get on the TS3 server and looks for us under the Face First Tribe Wasteland channel. We're even running our own TOG endorsed Wasteland server (Thanks again Redshirt). You can also check the DayZ division for information about the tribe and some of our grouping and comms guides. We're about working on good tactics and communication but having a lot of fun with it at the same time. We're also a combination of different skill levels (I personally suck) but everyone is always happy to help with information and advice on tactics.

A few of us have also signed up for ArmA 3 Alpha so we'll be dabbling a little in that as well.

Hope to see you there.
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Yep, there is usually at least 2-3 FF members on TS any night of the week, and many nights that number is more like 5-10.

If we are playing Arma2 is will most likely be here:

Currently 3rd highest ranking Arma2 server in Aus
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