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Default Banned for no reason....

Hey TOG.
I love your wasteland server and have been a very active player on it for the past 3 weeks. I went to log on tonight and found i was banned.
"you were kicked off the game ,( Admin ban : script 14 Gamesquirt) "
Seriously? whats this about! ive never hacked or scripted in Dayz or Wasteland and confused why i have been suspected of scripting. Do you guys not require proof before banning people?
Anyway, i would very much appreciate if i could be un-banned so i can continue playing your servers. Thanks.
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just read the "lift ban section"
I will contact Red_one. Thanks
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However, if someone can help me sooner, my details are:

My Player name : Gamesquirt, Server name : AU Face First Wasteland servers, Game: Arma:2 Wasteland.
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Ban already lifted after log checks completed.
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