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Old 4th June 2013, 09:49 PM   #1 (permalink)
Mostly Harmless - Post: 51

Default DDB Noobs - Holy Server Changes BATMAN!

Well asked for more so here it is!

What has the DDB Noob server got that's new you ask?

How about....

AI - yes computer controlled players roaming the map. Some are helpful, some are not. Some of these fellas also carry radios - very helpful in hearing about any chatter regarding potential air strikes (see below).

Self Blood Bag - those lone-wolf type players - your prayers have been answered. Now players can use blood bags on themselves. Not as effective as getting one from another player - but not more eating 100 cans of beans to heal!

Tent sleeping / heal - finally! Players can now have a well deserved snooze in their tents to regain some heath. Just be careful your snoring doesn't attract any unwanted attention!

Animated heli crashes. Heli crashes now are more realistic - they now fly over the map and crash - creating the heli-crash sites that we know and love. And before you ask - yes you can shoot them down (much easier than a normal heli) and it will spawn the crash site where it lands.

Carepackages. If you see the old bi-plane roaming around the may just be dropping care packages for survivors...

Air Strikes - watchout for the "spotter" heli circling or hovering above your favourite town or city. If you hear air-raid sirens..RUN! Them bombs are soon to follow.

Base Building - Hell Yeah! You can now build your own custom bases! Just collect the required components are start building away! You can even lock gates with unique pass codes.

Stay some really cool stuff in the pipeline for next month.

Cya in Cherno

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