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Arrow Sa - Matra Wasteland ArmA 3 Mod

Hi to all TOG members, guest and friends

If you are a FAN of Wasteland you will love the Sa-Matra version.

Is it different to the GoT, BLS or Fussion version? YES
Smoother - FPS will double in game
Cleaner - loading screen, player menu and the way food / water work is impressive
More looting for items - bags, guns, food, water, repair kit , medic kit, night vision, range finder etc
Adjusted gun store items - the selection is random not all guns will appear and it rotates regularly
New buildings - New Towns and villages scattered around stratis
Night/day rotation 30mins real time = 4hrs ingame

I would like to welcome all TOG members who enjoy ArmA 3 and wasteland to try this version you will be surprised how much detail Sa-Matra has put into the mod.

WS.ARMA.AU -Wasteland Sandbox- AU #1 - teamrevolt.org | AUS & NZ
Server located in Sydney

I look forward to seeing you in game and look forward to more competitions across other games including Battlefield 4

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I play on the Black Listed Society server often and it's coming along quite nicely, lot of imporovments and very stable, they are quick to update their mission file and are constantly working on it to keep their server running well and implement new features.

I'll be interested to check your server out, the more good Aussie servers the better.
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