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Default Wanted!!! TOGGERS for DayZ Epoch Server

Howzit all you DayZers
I'm an old, but new TOGger who is looking for people to trust in this end of dayz we live in. The wasteland is a hostile place and I'm sick of dying needlessly to people who have exactly the same problem as me, no one to trust. My current favourite server is Valhalla Gamers Epoch server. IP is
Anyone who feels like joining in with scavenging and survivng, favourite the server (I use DayZ Commander, I find it better than Six) and just add a [TOG] tag to your name so I know not to shoot on sight.
The plan is to just survive, maybe find a relatively safe area in the forest to stash some shit and eventually claim an area for TOG if I ever get enough people to join me.
Right now though? Just ONE friendly face would be nice.
Look for the Ninja, if you can see me at all
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If you're old enough you might consider singing up for full membership (assuming you haven't already - look for the barracks forum and read the signup guidelines). There's a whole, active division of TOG playing Dayz and ARma3 right now

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Ninja. See my post in the barracks about picking an account to move forward and PM me your choice.
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The correct format for Dayz/Arma is like this =)

TOG | Fully
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