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Exclamation ARMA 3 Multiplayer Servers

Gday ToG'ers

Im currently sucked right into ARMA3 with a few mates.

This Post is after any recommendations and info regarding the two (2) Points below.

1. I have been playing heaps of Co-Op on the LANBOX servers for AUS & NZ.
They are fun servers where team play and rules are enforced by Admin however.. The missions are VERY repetitive. Missions are simply: -

Take a Town & Destroy radio Tower. With side missions rotating, Destroy mortar team or Take down chopper.

Has anyone come across other servers that might include mission such as: Defending a Vital asset or Ambushing enemy patrols?
I am a fan of Claymores and the only time I get to use them is in sandbox mode.

2 . When I'm not playing Co-op I am playing a Sandbox / Wasteland game. Can anyone recommend a good wasteland / sandbox server. Preferably with Player Saves as there is nothing more annoying than playing for an hour gathering weapons and cash only to get interrupted by the kids and have to quit loosing everything.

I have given the BLS server a go however though Player Save saves only weapons not cash, along with the Map being massive and as far as I've seen they don't run multiple AI missions at a time resulting in majority of the time walking (or driving) around with thumb up bum.

If anyone has come across a wasteland server that offers this feature along with a good rotation of AI missions please let me know. I have searched online for a site to show the Server settings and all i find is lists of current servers with technical info, no info regarding: Starting off resources, Day or Night, Missions, player saves.

Any help would be great.

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You might want to check out Patrol Ops @ OCB
Dynamic missions as CO with arce.

or AW mod

Had plenty of fun on these mods =)
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