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Default Shizweak DayZ Epoch Server - Looking for players!

Hey fellas,

A bunch of us have started a new Australian DayZ Epoch Server called Shizweak DayZ. The server is only a week old and we are looking for players to come and join in the fun.

Epoch would have to be the best dayz mod out there at the moment and is packed full of features including buying and selling of vehicles, permanent base building & lockable safes to store your gear.

We have a dedicated box to host our server so performance is great with no desync or lag. We have made some cool additions and mods including:

Custom map edits (military bases & extra barracks)
Safe Trader Zones (Stary & NEAF Air Trader)
Auto refuel/repair at fuel stations
Self blood-bag
Toolbox to bicycle conversion
Custom spawn loadout (Pistol, toolbox, map, food, drink, morphine)
AI Missions with customised reward loot (gold / high end weapons)
Cheap building materials @ traders
Towing & Heli-lift
Extended kill messages
Snap-to base building

There's more being worked on the moment including a stats page to see who the top bandits & biggest care bears are.

The server has active admins who do not use dodgy admin tools or spawn in gear for donations, everyone is on a level playing field. There are a few good squads in there already getting set up and building bases so there should be plenty of action.

If you haven't played epoch before you can grab it via dayz commander or the quickest way is by torrent Here

The server details are:

Chenarus - or shizweak.es:2302

and you can join us on our forums at Here

Looking forward to seeing some of the TOG lads in the server


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Hey fellas,

Keen for some quality TOG players to join on the fun. The server is run by mature admins and we believe we have a good balance of PVE vs PVP.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in the server
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