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Originally Posted by Noises View Post
Meh. I payed US$29.99 for CO via steam today. Because, "I cannot tell a lie... about my shipping address." That number again, 1800 it's on special at steam for thirty bucks.

I realise I could have brought it twice for that price, but what am I going to do with two copies of the same game? That's just crazy talk.
I got the Steamy goodness too, and honestly, it would have been worth it at twice the price.
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Also, eeeew, Amazon. *makes sign to ward off evil eye*
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Exterior, forest. darkness falls, a small squad of Toggers cold camp in the treeline. A radio crackles.

*psssht*..ing communications diffi *crackle* ..roblem with the tubes. I'll *static** ..ill trying to get the seven gig downloa*pssssht* ... to the redevous when I can. Noises, over and out

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