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Dear Diary, my last character died stuck on a step after surviving for three days (seems to be my limit so far).

My resolution on my latest character is to play the hunter. To avoid the risk of raiding the airfields, cities and starry and instead target other players. To that end, I'm carrying a well-stocked CZ550 and a PDW. I'm only planning to upgrade to an ACOG or above rifle if and when I find one.

I've had a few tense moments, but it's been surprisingly quiet in my NE section of Chenarus. I'm planning to hit the perimeter of Starry next, and scout out decent sniping positions to try and catch players heading to/from the military camps. My gut tells me that the nearby deer huts would be the best place to watch, from 300+ metres away.

My one key wish is to finally obtain a DMR. I must have collected 15-20 DMR mags in my 10+ combined days of play, yet the closest I've come is an M14, with a sight useless for night play.

Back to the woods I go...
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Dear Diary,

my little one went down for a nap just after midday and I seized the opportunity to jump in for an hour. I spawned in the forest just east of a village, where a nice little barn and cow shed were just outside the town, accompanied by a pond. I had about 3 bottles of water and two cans of soda, but no food. I crept out of the safety of the treeline and slowly made my way into the barn. I sliced the pie and stopped abruptly...bodies. Lots of bodies. They were Zeds, but that didn't matter. Their presence told me that a survivor was near. I got out of the barn and back into the tree line as quickly as possible.

Once in the trees, I found a nice shrub to conceal me and sat observing the scene for a while. With the aid of my peripheral indicators, I could tell that there were freshly spawned Zeds around but had no idea if the survivor was still close by. A speck of movement off in the distance caught my eye. I zoomed and saw a survivor heading away from me about half a km the other side of the barn. I sincerely hoped he was the one that had pulled the ol' Edward the Longshanks stunt in the barn.

I waited a bit longer to observe and then made my way back into the barn. Zeds were groaning and moaning outside, mindlessly shambling to and fro. I crept through the barn and found loot, and plenty of it. If I had been in the market for a Winny or a Crossbow I would have been ecstatic. Likewise, if my intention had been to find a jerry can then it would have been mission accomplished. Any food? No. Creeping back down the stairs, my screen pauses and a message flashes up on my screen, "Kicked for high ping." Wtf? Really? A quick visit to Speedtest.net and I was clicking on 'Join' soon after. Must have been a random lag spike.

I spawn on the stairs again, terrified that I would spawn right in front of the Zeds. I should mention that my character is 8 days old today, I'm kind of attached to the little guy. Fortunately, no Zeds are around when I spawn...apart from the bodies lying in the middle of the barn. Check the bodies, nil there either. I get out of there, the need to find food my primary concern and my drive to search more buildings.

I head through the forest again, I know that there another barn and cow shed to the north. I reach the clearing and observe, there are Zeds everywhere. I make my way to the side so that I can see into the barn from cover. Bodies, lots of bodies. Crap. My food icon is deep red now, I really need to find something. I get down on my belly and crawl across the open ground, hoping that there are no survivors around. Hoping that maybe they had hit this barn first, then the barn I had just come from. Hoping that the survivor that I had seen running far to the south of me was the same one who had been here.

I get inside and search the barn. Again, plenty of loot but none of it useful. I search the Zeds and find a can of Franks and Beans, you little ripper. I leave the barn and head toward the cow shed. There are only two bodies in here, and several piles of loot. The first body has nothing and the piles of loot are worthless to me, although that must be the fourth Crossbow I've come across.

Now that I think about it, a couple of the Zeds that I had searched had bolts on them. I look around and notice a crossbow bolt jutting out of one of the shed posts. Hmmmm. Is this the killer's weapon of choice? How has he taken down so many, so quickly? The Zeds all have multiple entry and exit wounds, as did the ones at the first barn. I'm certain it's the same person that hit both barns, the scene is almost identical and the modus operandi seems to be the same. But when I think about all the bodies, probably about twenty of them, I start thinking that there must have been more than just a crossbow. Someone has spent a lot of ammunition on these guys. I only saw that single survivor running away at the other barn, this appears to be the work of a group. Crap. What if they're hitting the barns in the same sequence as I am, and not the other way around as I had assumed? What if they're just in the other building over the way? Crap again. Now I feel really, really paranoid.

I creep over and search the second body, and fumble with the inventory as I try to take the bandage that he has on him. I'm completely stationary, crouching over a body inside of a barn. A Zed patrolling outside suddenly aggros. Bugger. Time to test out the PDW I've been carrying around for days now. I cap him in the face as he enters the doorway. His friend doesn't appreciate that and has a go too. I miss his face but two body shots give him the peaceful, endless sleep I assume he desires. I hear more Zeds getting aggro due to the gunshots, it's time to leave.

I stand up and sprint. I know that there is another forest just to my north-west. I beeline for it, hoping to drag the aggro Zeds away to shoot and search afterward. Predictably, they follow me. Also predictably, I shoot them. Even more predictably, they have nothing of value. I've fired probably about 10 rounds by this time and I strongly suspect that other survivors are nearby, so I hightail it to the north. I'm constantly checking my peripheral indicators to see if I'm being followed but don't notice anything. I can see a clearing through the trees in front of me and decide to check my map to get my bearings. I prone and alt-tab out, find my bearings and alt-tab back in. I open my pack to eat the Frank and Beans, crouching in the process. A movement catches my eye about 50m in front of me. Have I just stumbled upon the group that had hit both of those barns? Has the Angel of Death finally found me? Is it my time to take take the Valhalla shortcut to the coast? Is it...wait a minute...that's a pig! Eureka!!

Two bullet casings later, my pack is heavier to the tune of four pork steaks. Again, I need to make distance between myself and the noise that my friendly little PDW has just made. I check my peripheral indicators and head north-west into deeper and thicker forest. I find a nice little spot that has a few rocks dotted around in a rough circle, a decent place to make a fire and have some hard cover. I chop some wood and make a fireplace. I'm about to strike a match to cook the pig when the server crashes. Sigh.

I haven't logged back in yet. I'm not sure if I still have those steaks or not in my inventory at this stage, although I'm reasonably confident I do. All going well, next time I play I should spawn in behind a couple of good sized rocks and have four nice, juicy, tender steaks ready to be cooked.

Not a bad little session all in all. I'm going to need a strong drink now to calm my frayed nerves...damn this game has some tension.
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Dear Diary...

Well today i died a most horrible death at the hands of a swarm of Z's.

It was a good run of 5 days
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Dear Diary

Yesterday i got the shits with my 5 days of life and deceided to do a nudie run as far up the highway i could go.

Dumped all of my gear AK's x 2 + jerry can and all into a nice little pile just outside of Cherno and made like Forrest - Forrest Gump and just ran the highway east and then north.

By the time the highway ran out (prob 1 hour of running) i had 50 plus Zeds on my tail WOOOOHOOO, till one of the lucky buggers stuck a leg out and triped me over. SHIT i broke a let and lasted all of 10 seconds before they ate my ass

Next toon

Hope this one is better looking
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swim TO THE isLAND!
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I woke up in the late afternoon, alone in the woods near Zug. I knew there would be friendlies at sunset north of Prigorodky, so with no compass but a good knowledge of the lay of the land, I set out by myself, navigating by sight again.

Over the radio, Yvnu and Jarnid call out a contact. I'm still more than five minutes away, so I abandon caution and any semblance of stealth and make my way at a dead run through the darkening forests. Jarni catches one and goes down, but Yvnu takes out the guy before he can get the weapons and gear off Jarni. The old =TOG= one two. Very few people take down one of us and live to eat our beans.

I break the treeline behind Dorky, flip the AKsu over to semi auto and move in to get loot. As happens to so many people, yvnu was having trouble getting to the gear on Jarni and we lost some of his stuff, notably his good pack. The CZ he picked up glitched too. I withdrew to the treeline and laid down to keep a watch. A footstep behind me was the last thing I heard, before death took me...

I woke again on the beach, still trapped in this waking nightmare, cursed to die, come back to another hard, short life of fear, lack and impossible horrors. I found myself near where the train line hits the coast at cherno to service the docks there. I went low, slipped the familiar grip of the makarov into my hand and set out to regroup. Over the radio, more contacts at Dorky, Veilo has justvetilated the mug who capped me, and has his eyes on another survivor stalking into a firing position on Yvnu. Things are getting tense, and I urge Veilo to put some suppressing fire in to put the guy's head down and maybe help Yvnu eyeball the guy. It work perfectly, the ambusher becomes the ambushed, he can't think or fire, the turnaround is coming. Before all this plays out, the server crashes, we switch to a parallel dimension, still in Chernorus.

A brief stint in chernogosrk netted us some weapons and food, We heard shots to our north, near the firestation, first thought was someone had been found by the zoms. But the answering bust of semi auto gunfire told a darker story. We bugged out away from the drama, flanked around to the west then headed north and kept going. I hate Cherno, the less time I spend there the happier I am.

We were picking over the slim findings in a barn when another survivor walked in the front door. Jarni didn't stop to ask any questions, he flicked the weapon over to full noise and wasted the guy. We snatched what we could from the barn and bolted north again to the next hamlet. The zoms there were thicker but we found what we needed most, enough food for everyone and some spare. We ate a rushed feed of cold beans and the radio crackled again. One of our own was blacking out from hunger and losing blood. The situation was pretty FUBAR and taking the initiative, Gidz and myself set off again at a dead run through the forests we're now learning well enough to run through at night. Unfortunately Yvnu was left behind, but the situation at hand was more dire so four of us kept going.

When we arrived at his last location, we spread out along the road and told him to get in the middle of the road. I was furthest north, and it was me who spotted him, starving and using the last of his energy to run south, hoping to meet one of us. The last time we'd stopped to get a fix on him I'd put beans in my pack so he was able to take them as soon as we hooked up. A feed, a transfusion and he's back in peak condition. Mission accomplished!

After this effort I needed some rest, and while I rested, I was left to my own in the peace of the woods again.

When I woke back up about half an hour later, I found those of us who were still awake and foraging had gone west. Again, trusting the cover of darkness and my knowledge of the terrain, I set out at a "dead" run across the valleys, eating up the miles between us easily and quickly, but getting my hungrythirsty going in the process.

Without a compass or a map, I grin as I near the treeline 30m directly behind the deerhut I was aiming at. Pasta, coke, sandbags and some trash. You beauty! I pack away the sandbag and scoff the food and drink, then toss some empty cans out and try the next stand. A few AKM mags, some ammo for someone's G17. I look beside that, and there's a G17. Byebye makarov. Some flares to toss away too. Coming down the ladder a zom spots me and next thing you know I've made a racket, used some of the G19's ammo and lost half my blood. I patch myself up best I can and then it's a quick, half blind scoot through the scrub out of sight of the zoms, into a culvert and moving a little more cautiously but still quickly again to our RV, well ahead of time and in familiar country, luckily.

Well, we hook up at last, and I get a blood bag into me and I'm feeling like a million bucks. Everyone but me and Spirit have gone to sleep. We look at where we are. We look at the time. We think, lets try going further north, just the two of us. I'm feeling more than lucky, I'm feeling downright special. Tonight's MY night, I know it in my gut. Luck is on my side. Old mate's just slipped me an AK but bugger all ammo, I've got a zombie stopping hand canon in my belt, the moon's obscured by clouds. Let's do it. So we do it.

Our approach was golden. Nobody spotted us, didn't have to fire, spent more than half the time running. We scoped out the best places to ambush someone doing what we were planning to do. Last place we're checking before dropping into the camp, I see a flash of light, just for an instant, about 100m to my left. I drop prone, Spiritwalker goes down too, and thirty seconds later, three blokes run not 15m right past us in the grass. If I had ammo in that AK who knows if I'd fired or not. But I didn't, the point was moot. We let them go. Moments later, we both black out (server crashes.) We wake up shortly afterwards, with a sense of being very alone. My gut is telling me to get up and go for it. The best loot spawn in the game is within spitting distance. We hit it.

Second tent, I hit the jackpot. A DMR. One mag. 20 rounds. It goes over my shoulder and the empty AK goes in it's place. A quick look around, but no pack. I snatch some meds and more ammo and we book out the way we came, undetected and unmolested. Perfection. My first raid on Stary Sabor nets me the best rifle around. On our way out, halfway between two towns, we spot a downed chopper with six or seven military looking zoms milling around it. Target practice. I retreat 300m and prop on a hill 450m from the chopper. 15 round to kill the six zoms in the dark, the first half a dozen rounds went way too high and it took me too many shots to find the range on the thing. I made enough racket to wake the dead, but it didn't matter because they were already awake. Spirit finds no loot in the now cleared chopper, and decides to pull back to a bit of light cover and set up a cold camp for the night.

I'm still getting the lucky feeling. Against all good sense, but trusting my gut, I head back into the base at stary sabor. Jackpot 2, electric boogaloo. M16A2 M203. It's a tough choice, but I decide to put down the DMR for the more effective assault weapon, hoping to pick it up if I can find a decent pack, but not caring much when the ground eats it. Better that thing glitch out of existence than be taken off my body and used on some hapless survivor. Next tent, Assault pack. Next tent, AKS74U and three mags. Also a map, more g17 mags, painkillers and an agro zom eating me through the tent. Wait, wut? I up and leg it, bleeding bad and trailing my new buddy. I break clear of the camp and pick up another mate, this one a sprinter, so I get up for another dead run 150m away. I turn around near blind and put one round into the bridge of the sprinters nose and two more into his forehead at 30m, the one in the forehead of his buddy at 5m. I'm bandaging myself before he even hits the ground, but it's my very last one, and that's a bad look, and I know I left some in the tents, and I'm still feeling lucky, so I go back in a third time to staryy, the second time solo. This time, with 4000 blood, can't see, it's night and I'm shaking. But who dares wins, right?

I hit up where I'd dumped some loot earlier, and grab a smoke grenade. I throw it to the far end of the camp and loot quickly while the zoms yell at the smoker. A few tents in, I get painkillers. After that, two bandgaes a watch but no food or bloodbags. Then the first hint of a feeling I'm pushing my luck cuts in and that's me done, out at a crouch and moving. Three or four minutes later, just before I cross the road to head south through open fields I her gunfire coming from behind me in the direction of the camp. I'm smiling as I run, again half blind through the night, and once again feeling lucky Good old spidey senses, ignore them at your peril.

Well you can't log with no food or water, so I beeline for the lake near Vybor to drink and fill my canteen. I poke into pustoshka silently, check the supermarket. Czech pack, food, matches, compass. Worth the tension. I transfer the AK from the assault pack into my new pack and hear a footstep in the back room. I turn my gun to the door and a shadow inches into the doorjam. Nice people don't sneak, so I put the shadow down with three rapid headshots, and leave the place at a dead run, not even checking his body on my way. Three zoms follow me out of town and I spend three more shots, one each to various parts of each their blood smeared faces. Counting my blessings and not knowing if the shadow had a mate, I make a fast run into the woods and bug out south. I dropped to my guts in the dirt, the rush of the chase ebbing away as I cracked open a tin of pasta and rolled under a pine tree. Curled around the treetrunk I piled fallen pine needles over me for camo and comfort. My last thought as I fell asleep, how far is the nearest =TOG= survivor with a bloodbag, and how damn lucky can a bloke be in a world this messed up.

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Well sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit

Making everyone else look sober.
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Well, tonight was a pretty good night. Met up with some of the guys at the barn south of Sosnovka. Ended up raging a few zombies, and Mashiro and I took up positions in the top of the barn. A few thrown tin cans and we were more or less clear, right up until I decided to leg it, which again raged a busload of zeds. We dropped them in the forest, bandaged ourselves up and decided that we needed to pick up some essentials at the Zelengorsk supermarket.

We moved down the forest to the north of Zelengorsk and sat, watching the scenery to determine how safe it was to proceed. Mashiro spotted a survivor moving from the barn to the south in the direction of the supermarket. A bit of a text chat/threat/negotiation, and the survivor decided that he'd be better off shopping later on.

Noises and I moved in, under the watchful eye of Mashiro and red_one. Upon reaching the rear of the supermarket, I discovered a dead survivor's fresh corpse. Noises entered the supermarket and reported two more. After a bit of a dig around the place, we left, not having found anything particularly useful.

Noises and I returned to the safety of the tree line, hearing a number of shots from the other side of town. Not long after, Mashiro reported that our survivor friend to the south was moving into the supermarket. Noises logged out for twenty minutes or so at this point while we waited to rendezvous with another TOGger. In the time that we were waiting to meet our long lost friend, I decided to check a lootable house near our overwatch position. There, I found myself my first ever decent pack, a Czech backpack.

We decided to move back up to the north so that we might be able to get water at the pond near the barn where I'd begun the night. I had a pretty new character and I knew the area pretty well, so I volunteered to run the few hundred metres to the east so that I could fill everyone's empty water bottles. It looked pretty clear, but at the time, I felt comfortable with three solid dudes providing security.

About halfway through my run, I spotted some zombies spawning up at the barn and down at the long shed. There were only two zombies up at the barn though. That just isn't right. Around this point, I'm starting to wonder how much security the guys at the treeline can really provide me here, but I push on. I reach the pond, fill the bottles, and at this point, red_one spots dead zombies on the north side of the barn.

I start to move north of the pond, still on the west side of the road, and I spot a survivor leg it north out of the barn. He runs through the paddock, out in the clear. I'm down on my guts, about twenty or thirty metres north of the pond, wondering whether I should risk the shot. That's when I see what he's going for - a pig out in the paddock, about two hundred metres north of the barn.

I watch him execute the pig, and as he leans in to gut it, I place him right on the tip of the front site blade on my M16A2/M203. The first shot goes high, as does the second. I aim down a little, let a round go, and I am rewarded for taking my time with a friendly observer noting that he's hurt, and he's hurt bad. He is prone, and he's beginning to look my way. I crank off another dozen rounds, two of which connect, and he's down for good.

We all bolt for his body. He's carrying basic weapons, but he's got some good stuff. I grab a knife, a set of matches, some painkillers, a waterbottle and a few other bits and bobs. This guy has a Czech pack, which Mashiro calls dibs on.

A new pig spawned twenty metres south, so we pop a round into it, and grab the meat from both this pig and the other. I move back into the near treeline to keep an eye on things. At this point, we're not really sure whether to head east to the deer stands, or do something else.

Suddenly, a big peripheral indicator appears. It looks like something nasty is coming from the east. We bolt for the far western treelines. Mash can't pick up his pack, and it's abandoned to whoever happens along next. We make it back into the forest, and go deep so we can have a cookup with the ten steaks we've got. We've got enough food to live like kings for a day or two, but it's now late, so most of us log off, ending a rather epic couple of hours.

Top night, good work guys.
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My count gave me a surprise this morning. The shadow in the market must have lived, or maybe been a zom. Either way I'm still at 0 murders 0 bandits this time around. Zoms is a whole other story.

AFTER the boys logged out, I cruised the radio and found we had a friendly in a bad way, needing a transfusion and a drink on Cherno's northern outskirts. I flipped open my compass, took a bearing on the map from my position (within 100m or so) down to just north of Cherno. With the compass still open, I look up, lifting it in my field of view. I sight up on a corner of a wood across the valley, flip my compass shut with a visual reference, shift my pack to adjust the weight a bit lower and start running. I reach the woods, and sight ahead, damn, nothing but trees. I keep the compass out and run my bearing through the night to the top of a rise. Cresting it, I sight off my bearing again, and line up a saddle in a ridge over the next ridgeline. The compass goes away again and I run myself to my next waypoint.

In no time I'm skidding down the steep valley side that the road north of Cherno leads out through. I need to get a bloodbag, and I take my time coming in from the northwest, down to the coast and along the docks, then into the hospital. The open ground along that route lowers the chance of me stumbling into a zom, and also means I can run, full speed, weaving as I go, presenting a much, much harder target to hit than a man running in straight line. I cover the ground quickly and shimmy up the ladder to the roof of the hospital, not wanting to chance the street front. On the roof, some loot someone else must have dropped, and exactly what I need, two bags of claret, the good stuff.

Feeling capable and sure of myself, I bug out through town, checking a few buildings as I go, but they've been looted and there's zom corpses around the place. My spidey senses tingle, for no reason I duck into a doorway and wait. Footsteps. Walking, but not sneaking. I flip my AKS74u to full noise. I calm my breath down, holding still as a survivor walks past in the street, gun up. He's got an AKM, moving like a soldier, down the other side of the street like he owns it. Not rushed. But sloppy. He doesn't check my doorway, walks right by it, my gun on his head the whole time. Whoever he was, he's lucky I'm with TOG. Some shots are fired across town, and the soldier starts running toward the gunfire. Dirty bastard bandit. I let him go. Just because I had the drop on him doesn't mean he didn't have a mate around, I had nowhere to go but into the street. I wait a minute then run when I hear the semi auto fire blocks away. I make it into and out of town without anyone knowing I'm there, or wasting a single, precious round. I get what I need and I get out. And once again, listening to my gut saves my dumb, brazen ass.

I bug out north, whistle in the woods and Yvnu groans "I see you Noises, over here." I get to him, give him the blood but realise I'm out of water. There's a pond close, so we drink up, fill canteens again and get out of Dodge.

We rolled up on a barn, looking for anything to eat. Five crossbows with one bolt each and a few empty tins. I kid you not. We clear out the crap and hang back. since beans and other goodies often magically appear in places you're 100% sure were completely empty five minutes ago. Nobody ever talks about it, but it happens all the time.

Sure enough, we go back five minutes later and there's a tin of beans and a couple more crossbows. Whatever. Yvnu eats his beans and we clear out the crossbows again. This time there's more random stuff, some more food, pasta. I bags the pasta., I always bags the pasta. I'll kill a survivor I don't know for a can of pasta, I mean it. I'm not a bad person, I just need my carbs. Like that guy who wanted to hit up our market in Zelenogorsk. Why did I intimidate him out of going in? Well, he wasn't worth a bullet, we had him outnumbered and nobody had been able to confirm or deny the presence of any tins of pasta in that supermarket. Priorities, hey. Did I digress? That almost never happens. Anyway...

Yvnu's grabbing some other stuff and he drops his pack. Then, because my life is an alpha, he can't pick it up again. I walk over to his alicepack, rolling my mousewheel, and getting the option to pick it up, but he's not. I move the stuff around it. Still no joy. Then from outside, a zom goes off his nana at us. He runs around the side of the barn as I'm telling Yvnu "don't worry about the zoms, get your #@%$ing pack. I got this." I oneshot the zom with the cut down AK, and the yard goes batshit. Zombies howling like a B movie, doing their "coming to get you" dippy walk through the door. Yvnu's still trying to make physics work as I crack off incredibly loud shot after incredibly loud shot. 19 z's, 24 round and 19 headshots later, the z's stop coming, an Yvnu still doesn't have his pack. I'm chewing on the stock of my gun, we have to go. No, like, two minutes ago. But we're still here. Right. I dump my crap. empty my pack on the floor of the long barn. Then I tell Yvnu, come with me. We go outside, I put down my pack, wonders, he can get it almost right away. I go in and grab the pack that was glitching for him. Now he's got my czech pack, and I like my czech pack. I don't care if the alice pack is bigger, it's not camo enough. Czech pack looks like you're a windswept and rugged woodsman who survives by killing and eating Bear Gryls. Alice pack looks like a school bag. Did I mention I don't care if it's bigger? I grabbed my stuff and we booked sharpish, but about five minutes too late if there had been anyone around. I knife open a tin of pasta and eat it cold, crack a pepsi and drink it. Slept under the stars again, just the way I like it.

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re: Bluffing out the survivor in Zelenogorsk. Perfect use of the =TOG= tags in game. Hey you, guy who we could shoot right now if we wanted, go away. Emphasis on the we. Five =TOG= tags say "hi" in chat. And away he did went. Mission accomplished. Sun Tzu would be proud.

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