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Old 18th July 2012, 07:35 AM   #261 (permalink)
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Make that 3 ToGers.

Yv and Iron both were sitting in their vehicles and I had just climbed back on my trusty ATV when the Tornado Hack hit. (My survivor actually was ripped to the drop spot but then ported instantly back to me on the quad, 3rd time hit by that particular nasty script!).

Sympathies to all those that were cheated of their progress... not the way to go.
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Old 18th July 2012, 09:32 AM   #262 (permalink)
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Ouch. Stupid hackers.

Well, carrying on with the suckie stuff, after playing for about 4 hours last night, when I logged off to take a 5 minute afk, I logged back in to find myself reverted to the gear I had four hours ago.

Which kinda sucked as I had been camping the tents in Berezino.

Looted a M4A1, logged and when I rejoined the game again, still had the previous weapon.

So looks like my character is stuck. Interestingly enough, items I drop from my gear, appear on the ground and then when I relog, they stay both on the ground and in my gear.

Pity I don't have anything good

Will see what it is like tonight.
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Old 18th July 2012, 03:00 PM   #263 (permalink)
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Dear diary,

Once again I found myself lost at balota airbase, the smell of gunfire and smoke filled the air as many dead bodies laid barren across the strip. I managed to crawl into one of the hangars to find a m1911 and 1 mag as well as a bandage and some morpheine.

I crawl outside and make a move for the next hangar as bullets smash into the strip around me, I roll, but take one to the knee, it shatters as I manage to aim up the target, some guy with a m1911 standing inbetween the two hangers I get 2 to his chest and then another to his head as he begins to crouch. I roll back into a hangar and through a smoke grenade outside to distract the zombies while I heal up.

With my leg fixed I sneak out and loot the body of his ammo and supplies. I make my way around the back of the hangars to the air control centre and climb up the outside of it and lay down under the windows, no loot had spawned but i could hear shooting nearby.

I See them, two guys leading zombies straight to my position, ones carrying an AK the other I cant make out but I lay low and let them finish off the zombies, then one of them sees me, he panics, he doesnt kill me, guessing hes low on ammo but I hear him yell out someones outside. Suddenly, the other guy with the gun I couldnt tell is outside with me while the first guy are shooting zombies coming up the stairs, I see him look at me, then get distracted by a zombie coming up next to him. I took my chance. I lined him up and put 4 in his chest as he went down, i then stand up and unload the rest of the clip into the other guy laying down inside.

Both die as one crys out I put another bullet in him before grabbing their tools and ammo, and make off with a sweet MP5SD and 3 rounds of ammo. I knew they would be back so i left them a present of a beartrap at the top of the stairs, as I made my descent down the ladder and back into the bushes to the north.

Status: While not in a bad way, could use a little help in the food and water department..and some matches.
Feel free to add me on steam, while not a full member does not mean I'm not up for playing a few games with or against you guys.
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Old 19th July 2012, 09:09 AM   #264 (permalink)
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haha, fantastic writeup

Note to self, stay away from Balota Bear Trap!
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Coldcam's story has inspired me to place every beartrap i find in Balotta, and refer to it as Bearlotta form this day forth XD
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Old 19th July 2012, 04:38 PM   #266 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Tetnis View Post
Coldcam's story has inspired me to place every beartrap i find in Balotta, and refer to it as Bearlotta form this day forth XD
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Old 20th July 2012, 03:53 AM   #267 (permalink)
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Yesterday started out like most other days for me - Recently killed and starting over. Had a good bit of the standard utilities gathered up from the night before and was now looking to upgrade my Winchester and Revolver weaponry.

As I'm heading up to Stary for a risky loner mission, up pops Mafia on the comms. He indicates that he has an AS50 to replace the one I lost when I was killed on the back of his bike a few days back. So, I go into bionic-run mode and 3 clicks later I'm at the agreed rendezvous point. Mafia jumps over to 272 from 443 and places the AS50 in my pack. Awesome!

Just a short while later, I link up with Coop! on comms. We decide to meet-up at the deer-stand just east of Klem mountain as I was up there looking for a vehicle. On my way up, I stumble upon a heli-crash site. I find a Bizon with a couple mags - it was nice knowing you Winchester.

After meeting up with Coop!, we decide to make a run to base-camp and see what's what. Another bionic-run around (city redacted due to classified intel restrictions) and we're at basecamp. We check the truck and find lots of goodies placed there by other TOGers. I'm stacked up so I take nothing and place the extra meat I have in the truck after Coop! and I cook it. Coop! likes the idea of the M9SD, so he takes it and gives me his M1911, which allows me to place my revolver and 5 "mags" in the truck. Funny thing happens - we both take a quick break and briefly log. When Coop! comes back the Ghillie suit he had in inventory duped. So, he gives the extra to me. When I go in my pack, I notice my AS50 is gone! ****! DayZ giveth, and DayZ taketh away! Must've happened when I logged. Easy come, easy go (lost my AS50, but gained a Ghillie).

We then decide to take the ATV and go tent/vehicle hunting. Neither of us have had the privilege of driving an ATV, so Coop! volunteers. I ride bitch and scout. We head about 7 clicks (redacted) and decide to turn-around. It's about this time that Coop!'s RL takes command and he says he has to go. Good running with you Coop! - see you next time. So, back on the comms and it's Strommer who volunteers to ride with me. On my way to pick him up, I run out of gas. Two empty Jerry cans in storage means I'm hoofing it to a gas tank. Luckily, one happens to be just 2 clicks (redacted). One more round-trip bionic-run puts me back at the ATV with 2 full Jerry cans.

All that time passed however, and now it's dark. Ever try driving an ATV through the woods at night? Not fun for the experienced driver - brutal for the guy who's had 15 mins driving time. Luckily, Strommer has been hoofing it my way and we link up in no-time.

But disaster's not done with me yet! We hit a semi-clearing and I feel confident enough to throttle it up a bit. However, I did not take into account the random gutter and 10 mins into our trip, I flip the ATV. Ynnu is on comms and advises that we save the bike, mark our position, and once Elitch resets our server, it should reappear in the same location, in the upright position.

All that excitement and I need a bio-break. So, I log and come back 5 mins later. When I do come back, I decide to take a step backwards as I had logged facing the ATV. As I step backwards, I see myself step out of my body, like some out-of-body experience. It's dark, but I can still see enough to see that I just moon-walked out of my body and there stands an exact copy of myself, dressed in Ghillie and sporting a Bizon. Upon further inspection, I determine I can loot everything on my body. So, I call up Strommer on comms and he promptly returns to my position. Since I'm full up, there's not much I want, but he helps himself to my extra Bizon and some miscellaneous odds and ends.

Determining that this oddity was most likely caused by my Ghillie, I take it off before I log for the night. Strommer goes about his way again and I crawl off to a nearby tree to log for the night. Hopefully I can return the ATV back to base safe and sound when I log in tonight.

Note: the forums indicate that there may still be issues with the Ghillie in, but this is server dependent. Many responders on the forum claim they have no issues wearing the Ghillie now, even when logging.

Daryl Dixon is my hero!
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Default The evil in others - the evil in me.

Dear Diary,

All in all my re-introduction into the world after the Zombie Appcolypse was not as bad as it could have been - sure I had nothing but a bandage and painkillers, but the area was quiet, and I was able to connect with some helpful survivors on the radio (team speak ).

I found my location on the coast fairly quickly and made the call to head to Balota Aistrip - it was an easy walk and the night must have slowed down the Zeds, as any I saw were easily avoided.
Moving first to the radio tower, I was rewarded with a an AK, M1911, ammo for both and some food and drink.
I decided to vacate and not push my luck, and headed up the coast away from Cherno to investigate a large warehouse complex....coming up to the lobby, I heard the tell tale drone of flies.....sure enough there on the floor was the body of survivor...a quick check showed the guy had nothing on him but some beans and a coke - must have been a fairly new start for this guy - I was unable to determine how he died.

Moving upstairs I was scavaging around when I happened to see movement outside and a survivor heading for the lobby of the building I was in - I pulled my pistol, and started creeping down the stairs....A survivor was standing at a pile of tin cans..I lined up my pistol on his head and slowly circled....he spotted me and went still "I have nothing!" he cried.
We managed to strike up an uneasy aliance, I showed him how to use an axe as weapon, and was about to move on to rendezvous with a mate when my kinder nature asserted it self - I offered to escort him to the airfield so he could arm up.

He readily agreed and still being night set off at a cracking pace arriving at the airfield radio tower in no time - he managed to pick up an AK and a side arm plus various bits and pieces.
He had eaten the last of his food and asked if I had any spare, sadly I did not - a single can of franks and beans was all I had, so I said good bye and headed down the stairs to finally get to my meeting point.

Halfway down the stairs I was ripped apart with sustained fire from his AK.

Back on the coast again.

Close to Cherno so I figured what the hell - midnight run!
On my way I found a body that had a pistol and plenty of ammo, so felt a little better as i mived into the hospital and army tents area of Cherno.
Stocked up well on meds, I moved toward the ammo tents - in the second, two guys crouching looking through the piles on the floor.
I couldnt see any weapons, but lined my pistol up any way - the guy on the left stood, turned and saw me - he started to run toward me.
3 Shots and he was down.

The second guy backed off into a corner "friendly! friendly!"
'Been down that road' I thought to myself...and shot him 4 times.
I dont know why the guy ran at me - maybe he freaked out, maybe he forgot to press walk, who knows - but after my recent experience I didnt think, I just shot.

After my hands stopped shaking (and they were - such was the intensity of the shock I had - both from him launching at me, and me taking down two other survivors) I checked the bodies.
Neither had anything on them other than what they had got from these tents - not a weapon other than an axe between them.

So - first day in running solo and I died to a guy I tried helped, and murdered two guys who were only just starting out and were no threat to me.

I left the bodies as they were, all their gear intact.
maybe if they make it back and the bodies have not been looted by others, they will understand it as the appology it was.
More likely they will simply assume they were killed just for fun.

Leaving the tents, I head toward the meeting point, reflecting on how this experience has taught me that what is found so easily in others, lurks just beneath the surface of my own skin.
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Old 20th July 2012, 11:18 AM   #269 (permalink)
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Great entry Bazz.

You've summed up the moral conundrum that DayZ presents very succinctly.

Trust No One....well except TOG. It's a brutal world.
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Old 20th July 2012, 11:44 AM   #270 (permalink)
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Its a slippery slope! I'm also a n00b and don't think I'm going to trust anyone besides the people I'm talking to in Team Speak.
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