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Originally Posted by haraldini View Post
Just hop into Teamspeak, everyone is tired of walking and some other Togger will usually do a taxi run to pick you up.
Nah all is good,so far found a bike,2 boats,pickup truck,ATV,but with the driver skill set of some of my cohorts we have managed to either blow them up or lose them.
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Day 15

Crawling out from under the bush I spent the last night in I head to the lake to refill my flask.
I'm near Black Lake and well supplied, time to look for campsites. I mark a rough grid in the minds-eye and get to hoofing it.
Others have had much luck lately, I'm yet to have any, until I spot something a little too unnatural looking amongst the tall pines. I approach at a crouch, it's well into the early AM but I can see well, no movement, no bear traps.
A quick scan reveals it's just a lone tent and disappointingly empty, It's not worth destroying so I make a note and plan to check back regularly.
After finding my first tent, albeit with nothing in it, I was happy to tick that off the list. An hour later after getting lost (with map + compass) wandering north I happened upon a fishing boat, again nothing to write home about but my first vehicle find and after the tent earlier I was pretty happy. I'd taken to living and walking in the wilderness edges of Chenrarus for a few days now, not really any clear goals in mind but to help out friends up north and find some camps and vehicles. Taking the boat I attempted to reach Yvnu stuck on an island further south, going slower than a walk and burning through fuel I had to give it up around the Berezino lumber mill. Pulling along shore slowly, I disembark shoreside and end up wet and 15 metres from the boat. Great.
Holding onto my gear I dash toward Berezino for some fuel. Scouting the edges I pick up a zed and we run together for awhile until it ends with a bang and the living dead stops living again. There is a quick panic on comms as I realise friendlies are near but all is good. I get to a nice concealed position about 600m from the tents and do a final check with the binoculars before crawling under a bush again to get some sleep.
Tents of a different kind tomorrow, then back to my first find for another check and on towards Stary.

** I had to log because I had terrible lag, about 5 mins later while trying to find another server I hear over TS that a hacker had teleported everyone to one of the major cites in the server I'd just logged from. I hate the cities, big sigh of relief. I missed out on another two days ago by about an hour that wiped everyones gear. Not looking forward to the inevitable. Too much to lose, bad way to do it.
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Dear Diary,

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Dear Diary, today I found some vehicles...

logged in on the west side, waaay out in the bush west of Lopatino, deadzy comes over the radio giving a very very VERY Vague location of the white hilux near Myshkino, at this point i start moving south, KiwiMuggles is at Zelenogorsk and she starts moving up the west of the map also looking for the hilux and after about an hour of searching, i find it... 3km south of where deadzy said it would be....

muggles and I then went searching for an engine, and as we did, we drove all the way along the south coast, and then started up the east coast, and then, just on the north side of Solnichny, we run right into an ATV, it seemed to be stuck on the bridge, so after pushing it off, muggles takes the hilux and i take the ATV and we start to head north again.... seconds later we run into deadzy... he was on an ATV too

not long after this muggles logs off, and deadzy heads up north (never to be heard from again), so i hid the ATV near Nizhnoye, and take the hilux back south, at tulga i pick up Deranger, and continue along the south coast....

Jarni comes over the Comms asking if anyone is in vybor, and when him and Uberwald find out its a random guy (Josh) they open fire... but they are killed instead, so with Deranger in the Hilux i slam my foot to the floor and start to head north at 110km/h, we barely miss debris as we tear north up the map, and arrive at vybor 10 mins later only to find that "Josh" is not there, he is infact in Balota shooting at Turok and Mafia_Snitch, and Jarni and Uberwalds bodies have been hidden... now at this point he magicaly vanishes from the server never to be seen again (admin intevention for suspected teleport hack) and all is good in the world again...

well almost...jarni and uberwald are dead afterall...oh well on with the story

from here i start to drive up the north western highway into oblivion, and as i slide round a corner i notice a metalic glint on the mountainside, i slam on the brake, rip it into reverse and look up the hill again.... A CAR!!!

We make our way up the hill and low and behold a GAZ, Deranger and i Jump out of the hilux, and into the GAZ to find it completely green and a full tank of gas... Deranger now has a car, and now we part ways, he heads south for his own adventure and i head north east through the forrest.

at this point i remembered someone talking about a Bus around my area, i drive all over the bush looking for it, and then all of a sudden i see anothe metalic glint.... but it's not the bus that was eluding me


i save the coords and take the hilux to camp to add to the bus and atv's that are already there and then head back to pick up my new Motorbike.

Turok then comes over the comms saying he has found an ATV at Black lake but needs some parts to get it going, so i jump on my shiny new bike, with all the parts he needs and head over to him

6km later i arrive, we fix up the ATV and Turok, Mafia and i start heading north towards the inlet...

WTF.... mafia is on yet another ATV, but he starts heading back to camp with his and turok and i keep heading north

Jacomus now comes over the comms saying that he picked up the ATV i found and hid near Nizhnoye, and was heading towards camp, when it flipped, burst into flames and then exploded

Just as Turok and i are heading through Olsha, i yell "STOP!"

Another car lay before us, this time it is a Red Sedan (UAZ), it has some nice weapons and a lot of jerry cans, this we leave for Jacomus to pick up, and to take back to camp

Turok and I continue up to the inlet and find the Ural Truck, Deadzy's ATV from earlier, a few tents and a pushbike.

I jump in the Ural and Turok jumps on the motorbike, and we start making our way to camp... but after 2mins of driving i ask Turok to check an old camp we had in the area for the tractor, and he then zooms off.

seconds later Turok can be heard laughing loudly on comms, and i drive the Truck up to his coords, and as i come over the rise, i see... the Motorbike, a Bus, a Tractor, The UAZ Jeep and 2 more tents, so from here we take the URAL and the UAZ Jeep back to camp and pick up all the guys (5 of us were left on the server) drive back to the hoard of vehicles, and take the ATV, Motorbike, a Bus, a Tractor, The UAZ Jeep back to our new camp, we left the old pushbike and an ATV still over there, but at this point everyone logged out, but here is a picture of today's epic journey

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Thanks for the tour of the south coast factories 1RONS1DE. I think this is the first drive I've had with toggers where we didn't have a car accident and nearly die. =)
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Nice! Great adventure. Am I right in thinking that's everything sans chopper?

Chernarus Cannonball run?!
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Welcome home UAZ Jeep! We all missed you so
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Sorry about the ATV. I was on a sealed road so I still don't know how I flipped it.

That red sedan was the hardest work. I think I was doing 8 KM/H offroad in the forest near the camp. I could have gotten out and run faster.

Oh and Dear Diary,

I ran over a cow in a tractor and it was hilarious.

Fun times.
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Originally Posted by Jacomus View Post

I ran over a cow in a tractor and it was hilarious.
Rest In Pieces, brave tractor.
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Originally Posted by 1R0NS1DE View Post
so with Deranger in the Hilux i slam my foot to the floor and start to head north at 110km/h, we barely miss debris as we tear north up the map
Best to just relax and forget how he drives, screaming over comms will just make him worse

p.s. The bus is very very very very very slow... which begs the question, when 1ron says I tried to run him off the road on the bike do you believe him?
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