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Old 26th May 2012, 12:07 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default couldnt connect.

All of yesterday after one dc/server crash I couldnt play all day...solution create a new profile, no loots, but able to play new character.
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Patch 1.5.9 (believe it'll be rolled out in the next 24 hrs)

* [FIXED] Bodies being deleted immediately (now will stay around for 5 minutes)
* [FIXED] Player profiles sometimes corrupting and causing stuck in loading issues (error handling by engine)
* [FIXED] Temperature listed in percent and not degrees (now displayed in degrees)
* [FIXED] Loosing temperature inside vehicles (now will slowly gain or be static in vehicles)
* [FIXED] ItemPainkillers popup error (no longer happens: thanks Norbert!)
* [FIXED] Spawning in Ocean when switching models (player morphing optimized by TeeTime)
* [FIXED] Wrong M107 is spawning on occasion (Correct one spawns)
* [FIXED] Crashed heli uber-loot not spawning (does now thanks to GhostBear!)
* [FIXED] Wire Fencing Kit caused graphical glitches (new model)
* [FIXED] Tank Trap Kit caused graphical glitches (new model)
* [FIXED] Invisible character models occuring
* [NEW] Hatchet for chopping wood in forests
* [NEW] Wire Fencing kit model by Artyom Troshin
* [NEW] Tank Trap kit model by Artyom Troshin
* [NEW] Construction options moved to items in gear menu (right click wire fencing kit to use etc...)
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I like that we get a hatchet, but I wish bodies hung around longer... I guess the upside is that it penalises death much more now (can't run back to body).

Also hope that temp is listed in C not F.
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