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red_one 24th July 2012 11:28 AM

Pending Update: Build
Affected Addons:

* dayz_code
* dayz_server (server)
* HiveEXT.dll (server)

Target date:

* Wednesday 25 July 2012 (GMT)

Current Changelog (WIP):

* [NEW] Respawn button is disabled during DayZ play
* [NEW] Optimized authentication process on login
* [NEW] Singleplayer mode disabled when DayZ is loaded
* [NEW] DayZ Logo and Version Number appear in game when DayZ is loaded
* [NEW] Hive now tracks login/logout (to assist in analysis for an ALT+F4 solution)
* [FIXED] Infected cannot hear weapon firing (now they actually hear again)
* [FIXED] Clothing no longer spawning (now it spawns as it used too)
* [FIXED] Tents and items with ID's above 1 million don't syncronize (now it should syncronize, players to confirm)
* [NEW] Respawn button is enabled if the player has a fracture
* [FIXED] Players switched to non-player skins (by hackers) sync to database (updates no longer saved for objects non-authorized skins)
* [NEW] Players spawning in debug area or "water world" will spawn on beach on next login (with their gear)
* [NEW] Client will automatically spawn player out of debug and waterworld to last known position
* [NEW] Radar removed from helicopter (UH1H will be added back to vehicle spawns)

This is not a final list.

Only confirmed items are placed on here, and the page is updated each time. Some things are expected to be in the update, but are not in the list yet, because they have not been finished and confirmed in the update.

Jacomus 24th July 2012 11:57 AM

The login/logout tracking is intereseting. What's the threshold and what's the penalty? Temporary lockout? Permaban?

red_one 24th July 2012 12:14 PM

What you read is what you get.

Dayzed 24th July 2012 12:16 PM

Just reading through the comments;

'Target is Wednesday. May slip as I can already see some changes I need to make, based on some good feedback here. We won't do it on Friday. So that means either Wednesday, Thursday, or Monday.'

Also he states tents will be fixed with this patch.

Veilo 24th July 2012 12:28 PM

I am really curious what will happen on wed 25th :) i am betting his twitter around tuesday will say "omg so excited to be going to this gaming convention in tasmania, going to be busy time, back in two weeks, btw next update is comming really soon" basically guy is a 10/10 troll. - every time in the past he posted ANY date for anything he missed it every time.

Still, intersting patch notes. A few weeks ago I narrated a cool bro story about a friend of mine who mentioned some sort of voice livefeed of one of the devs mentioning a mechanism for tracking logoffski! Intersting that it turned out to be true. From what I recall of that particular tidbit of info: the logoffski tracking will add a +1 to your counter in the database against your guid - and then they will just crack down on certain top % of the "high scorers" of this counter.

If the details of the system are like that live feed said - I think that's a really bad system - doesn't scale at all, requires manual intervention, even 1 log off is still bad - not just the top perpetrators, relies on people knowing about this system so won't stop two 1st time players having a bad experience (or even catch/punish the logoffski) etc. plus hard to say how it will handle people with bad connections.

Still, maybe the actual mechanic will be different - maybe they will use it as a basis for a bigger/better system?

edit: just read this from rockets post on the first page : "The mechanics are being tested, but it will put a "timeout" if you successfully connect too many times within a period of time."

Jacomus 24th July 2012 12:35 PM

Geez red I was just postulating (sounds painful doesn't it?)

If they can sort out logoffski, server hopping farmers and the hackfest then I think they've achieved a fair bit. These are the major issues. The rest isn't worth sweating over.

Noises 26th July 2012 04:22 AM


Originally Posted by red_one (Post 3596897)
* [NEW] Singleplayer mode disabled when DayZ is loaded

This? This bugs me. As the people at the Day Z forum like to "helpfully" point out any chance they get, nobody has brought Day Z, we brought ArmA II, Day Z is a free mod. But Day Z is a free mod that's stopping me from playing the game I payed to play. Unless I go back in to steam and go through the process of changing the launch parameters every time I want to fire up vanilla arma.

Not a fan. Not a fan at all.

Deranger 26th July 2012 04:44 AM


Originally Posted by Noises (Post 3599132)
Not a fan. Not a fan at all.

I totally buggered my launch parameters when I tried to get the single player game to work without it dropping most of the weapons from ARMA II. So I agree, ridiculous they are curbing the game you payed for. I understand it might be to stop people abusing the items that aren't meant to be in DayZ but I think they should work harder to achieve this without destroying the main game.

Paulie_Walnuts 26th July 2012 09:41 AM

I can still play single player mode, I launch Day Z via a modded desktop shortcut and SP Arma II through Steam.

Veilo 26th July 2012 10:57 AM

re singleplayer: this future patch will only disable singleplayer if you have dayz mod loaded. if you start arma2/oa/etc as a standard, un-modified shortcut - singleplayer still works

re: respawn. this one is tough cause i defintely surf spawn heaps every time I die (which is a lot QQ) so it will definitely affect me heaps. Still, if something has no effect then it isn't really a change is it ?

Also, has anyone gotten the feeling that there has been a ninja server patch yesterday?

1. there's less chopper crash sites. i think it has gone down from 3-4 per server to 1-2
2. zombies now appear to have variable health levels - sometimes zeds die as they did before but sometimes they take more 3-4 m1911 hits. I have had zeds survive 1-2 hits from AKM last night O.O and it wasn't lag - these were MY zeds that I spawned - and tested this on 3 different servers!


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