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Originally Posted by Dressy View Post
On the map, where is the starting point please?
The starting point... uh here, i have put a pic in that shows where you the spawn, its inside the red zone... anywhere inside it
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Yup, anywhere

While playing, keep looking at the map for key points,such as the lighthouse, islands, etc, and line them up with the same points on the map. It will help you out.

Some other good tips from the DayZ Wiki

The Clouds in Chernarus always travel from the West to the East.

  • Zombies will always close in and attack the closest player, and will change targets if another player is closer to them than the original target
  • Zombies are not socially active, or grouped, so aggroing of one zombie will not cause others to aggro
  • Zombies can be lost by breaking their line of sight, but will continue to investigate player's last known location and the area; jumping into prone after going out of their sight can lose zombies, especially during nighttime
  • Zombies stop chasing players when they are more than 300m away

Power Lines

A network of high voltage power lines near the Topolka Dam.
Power lines are a way to navigate Chernarus. The network consist of power plants, and high voltage transmission lines (the really tall ones) which go across the entire country-side.
The network goes along the coast between Solnichniy, Elektrozavodsk, and Chernogorsk. There is a three-way junction at Chernogorsk which then goes inland north-west to the Zelenogorsk sub-station, and then cuts east across Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor all the way to Berezino on the east coast.

I hope this helps!
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Also when you login in look at the bottom right corner. It'll say Cheranus (ignore this) but under that it'll give you a location. This goes away quickly. Note this down then find it on the map.
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A guide I wrote almost 2 months ago

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Still having poor performance issues unfortunately. Might have to give it a miss to another stage. Thank you for all your responses though. A mark of a good division is how members willingly help others. Well done all.
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performance issues in arma2/dayz are mostly caused by the configuration - which can literally take even a high end pc to single digit frames per second with a mislabeled option.

as noises noted on page 1 - make sure 3d and interface resulotuions are set to same number (mismatch between these can make a gigantic difference)

also make sure the video memory is set to (default) - another counter intuitive/mislabeled option that can eat all the system resources and give bad performance in return.

post processing/object detail/shadows etc - disabling or setting these to very low also helps a lot.

This game can run on fairly old hardware so keep at it imo.

Btw, some servers are full on dodgy - good hardware + good set up - and you get 10 fps ? bad server. try a few low pop ones to make sure it's not the server that's causing graphical lag.

That's right. servers in arma2 CAN (and quite often do) cause graphics lag/low fps. It's pretty bizarre but apparently that's part of the charm
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Originally Posted by Noises View Post
If the game looks all fuzzy make sure you've put the setting the 3D resolution to the same as the interface resolution. BIG difference.
I can't believe I didn't notice this when I did my initial setup about 3 weeks ago, I've just set it now and if feels like I've just had my cataracts done .

Thanks for the tip.

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Originally Posted by Veilo View Post

That's right. servers in arma2 CAN (and quite often do) cause graphics lag/low fps. It's pretty bizarre but apparently that's part of the charm
I didn't realise, that's good to know. I was trying to figure out why I would occasionally go from >40fps to <10fps without having touched my usual set up (not that it would always be the reason, but having extra explanations help).
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Set Video Memory to "Default".

This will utilize the entire vid card memory. Very High only goes up to 512Mb.

Other settings with "High" and above, will utilise the Video card memory. Below this setting, the processing is transferred to the CPU rather than utilizing the video card.

Hence why you will see an increase in performance at times when you change from lower settings to the higher settings. Just play around with them to see which ones make the most difference.

Arma 2 is very taxing on any system. This game runs just fine at 15-20 FPS and above. My games runs at around 30 FPS with most settings at "Very High" + 3000m viewing distance. The viewing distance can have a huge impact on FPS, so play around with that also. You probably don't need to have it set to more than 1500m. But I did read somewhere that the viewing distance function is actually disabled in the DayZ mod to put everyone on an even playing field. Don't know how true this is though.

When recording with FRAPS (which I do all the time), my frame rate drops to 20 FPS, and I experience no issues with input lag what so ever or game performance. The game runs just fine.

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I think the viewing distance in dayz is locked to 1600. Correct me if I'm wrong
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