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Default rMod Instructions

Rmod link : Rmod

If using Steam:

Copy/Drag @rModChernarus, @rModLingor and keys into the arma 2 OP Arrowhead folder
go into Steam, find ArmA 2 OA, right click and select properties
click on set launch options and find where it says
and change into this

If using Dayz Commander:
Copy/Drag @rModChernarus, @rModLingor and keys into the arma 2 OP Arrowhead folder
In dayz commander goto settings... under additional launch parameters... add:

Now jump on into rMod Lingor or Cherno
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What what??
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Harmless - Post: 2


Ok, so do we need this to play on the server now? Because I noticed that the server was locked.
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Retired Captain
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Server is now unlocked.

Please note that this server is not an official TOG server.
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If the server is locked it's because it is undergoing maintenance and we're restarting it constantly. When we're trying to fix things it slows us down way to much to constantly be having to ask people to log out... so we lock the server and that way nobody gets messed up by the restarts.

Recently there has been a bunch of updates done by our server provider that have caused a number of problems. For instance ... right now Lingor is totally broken. It should hopefully be back up soon but if you see that it's up and locked it just means we're trying to get it straightened out.
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