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Retired Captain
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Default Hey Guys

Howdy fellas, looking to get back into the game - just wondering what i need to do to update this game to the latest, and can i still use Six Launcher to update?

Cheers guys, cant wait to get back into it!

Cyas ingame.


(EDIT) Kk, just found the sticky about 6 updater - this is up to date info? do i need to uninstall/reinstall the game because im so many versions behind?

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Hey mate welcome back.

Most of us these days are playing Wasteland, which is a mission for ArmA 2 so basically for all you need is the standard Arma and OA install. You can pretty much find people playing nightly on the TS server from around 6-7pm.

As for 6 updater it should be able to patch your dayz up to the latest, if not try DayZ Commander.
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Hello and welcome back BrAdolf
Here is my latest guide =)
Fully GoreD - .:: Arma 2 Install ::.
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