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Definately an adventure. Maybe we should get on a server and get back into HalfLife2 Deathmatch. MultiPlay classic.
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Fair enough, maybe I should have said "experience" or "adventure"
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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Originally Posted by Drac View Post
There wasn't much story to it though now was there? It's been a while... I always thought of it as more of an "adventure". By that I mean the Indiana Jones kind of adventure not an old school text-based adventure game.
Not much story huh? Don't say that to the nerds who pieced all the implications together. there is a wiki out there somewhere. Yeah there is a story. but it has to be found and put together yourself. it's not simply told to you

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Originally Posted by wHiTeRaSTa View Post
Definately an adventure. Maybe we should get on a server and get back into HalfLife2 Deathmatch. MultiPlay classic.
Awesome, count me in if this goes ahead.
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I finally got the orange box a few months ago (money is tight so I've been waiting a while).... I was really impressed with the first Half Life... so I'd been really really eager to play the second.

When I new I was getting it, I played HL again so I was back in the zone... and even now, even with the not so up to date graphics, I still thought it was a really well done game. I do think you need to have played the first to really appreciate the second. If for nothing else it gives the storyline of why you've got the aliens running about and who the characters are (yes I suppose you could google it) - including yourself.

I've played through Episode 1, portal and lost coast... just about to start episode 2 tonight. When Team Fortress2 finishes downloading (I keep forgetting to resume it and let it run overnight), I'll have a look at that (I've played the first one a little)
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