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Judge_Kiwi 17th August 2010 12:00 PM

SteamWatch Unofficial Whitelist Update

Gone through and updated the Australian Whitelist. It includes Internode, Primus, 3FL, Netspace, GameArena and Apex.

All Australian Steam content is unmetered through Internode “…free traffic to all Australian steam content servers”

This list was updated via FreysSteamFilter, SteamWatch and general checking via the internet.

USE THIS LIST AT YOUR OWN RISK: The usual “I’m not responsible” etc etc.

To update your list;
  1. Right-click SteamWatch and select “Stop SteamWatch”
  2. Right click again and select “Edit SteamWatch settings.XML”
  3. Find the current list starting with <whiteList> and just paste the list below over the top of the current list
  4. Close and save XML
  5. Right Click on SteamWatch and “Start SteamWatch”

WARNING!! Do not ADD the list. You must REPLACE the current list, removing the existing list.

Use the list below on Jigoku's post.

[EDIT] Formatting gets screwed up on the forum. Email me at tog(at) and I'll forward the formatted list if you wish

Jigoku 17th August 2010 01:58 PM

Most of those aren't Steam servers and you are missing one or two. Most importantly is:

which appears to be getting tons of content uploaded to it recently.

That's not even the full list of unmetered IP addresses from Internode's list.

These are the IP addresses I have whitelisted:
Code:      //Internode        //Internode*      //Vocus? Who is this filtered to?*      //Old 3FL?  Can be removed?*      //Adam?*      //Bigpond      //Bigpond*      //3FL WA?      //3FL NSW        //WAIX

The asterisked servers are Australian but they are filtered for use by people on specific ISPs, eg Bigpond or iiNet, so they aren't strictly needed.

PhatFreD 18th August 2010 07:40 PM

Hmm, so do you reckon your tiny list is all we Internoders need Jigoku? It seems so small compared to Judge Kiwi's.

And which server should I choose in Steam settings?

Jigoku 18th August 2010 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by PhatFreD (Post 2876727)
Hmm, so do you reckon your tiny list is all we Internoders need Jigoku? It seems so small compared to Judge Kiwi's.

Well you can add superfluous IP addresses if you wish. I'm fairly sure SteamWatch doesn't accept the /XX IP address system either, eg,

Two of the IP addresses on Judge's list are the internode radio stations ...


Originally Posted by PhatFreD (Post 2876727)
And which server should I choose in Steam settings?

Irrelevant, but you may as well just choose one of the Internode ones.

Judge_Kiwi 20th August 2010 10:24 AM

yeah - my list is screwed up ....

interesting that many of them are on actual white lists of both SW and Freys..

As a result - taken it down until I investigate further

crowtree 25th August 2010 10:26 AM

A worthy thread though Judge and one that should be kept updated and maybe stickied.

Jigoku 25th August 2010 01:45 PM

3FL changed the IP of their unfiltered NSW server. ->

However it is not currently on the Internode unmetered list so you should probably wait until it is before whitelisting it.

Flibbs 17th September 2010 12:45 AM

3FL NSW server, is now on the Internode unmetered list.

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