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Originally Posted by Thermal Ions View Post
So far all 3 days have been 75% off, so if it comes up as a daily special it's more likely to be $5.

Purchased KOTOR and played through the intro. Graphics and controls obviously dated, but doesn't seem to bad (ignoring the lack of originality so far). Encountered a bug where I can't move my character at times. Saving and reloading seems to fix it. I think I'll get my $2.50 worth out of it.
Wow you called it, its on sale for $5 today lol. Good deal. Grabbed it fast and having a blast. Would have grabbed KOTOR but have already on my XBOX.

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Im having a ball!!

This has been a great little purchase.

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I am LOVING playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy again......nothing like jumping around with a lightsaber.

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