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Default Steam Special - Limited Time! L4D

Get it while it's hot!

Left 4 Dead!

(in USD)

L4D2 = $6.79

L4D1 + 2 = $10.19
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That's been available for a few days now.

I'll also repeat here, if you're in Australia, for the sake of your sanity get someone overseas to gift you a copy and pay them for it via paypal or something to get the Uncensored version. Even someone like UV in Kiwiland could gift uncensored versions to Aussie TOGers. Doesn't matter where you play the game from, only what country you purchase from - a handy little workaround I think Valve know full well about but leave it be because, well, it wasn't their choice to censor us now was it.
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Or in the UK sense L4D2 5 a real bargin so i bought it for a friend
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