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Drac 3rd October 2011 01:00 AM

Free Games List
Found this on the steam forums, a lot of these games should already be on your steam list if they're free to play, but some aren't and none of the steam delivered mods are. If you have steam installed and allow the steam:// protocol links you can install these games by clicking below in your web browser.

All install links will only work if you already have Steam installed on your PC.
Your internet browser can ask for confirmation [Chrome][Firefox][IE] to run these links.

For ATI/AMD (Radeon) graphic card users: install - storefront
- Half-Life 2: Deathmatch [5] (See notes in green below for reference)
- Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

For Nvidia (GeForce) graphic card users: install - storefront
- Half-Life 2: Deathmatch [5]
- Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
- Portal: First Slice (demo install - storefront)

For all Steam users:
Alien Swarm: install - storefront
America's Army 3: install - storefront
ArmA II Free [1]: install - storefront
BattleForge [1][4][6]: install
Between [1][4]: install - storefront
Champions Online: Free for All [6]: install - storefront
Codename Gordon: install
COIL [1]: install - storefront
CrimeCraft: Bleedout [6]: install - storefront
Global Agenda: Free Agent [6]: install - storefront
Iron Grip: Marauders [6]: install - storefront
Mightier [1]: install - storefront
Moonbase Alpha: install - storefront
Peggle Extreme: install - storefront
Puzzle Pirates [6]: install - storefront
Rise of Immortals [6]: install - storefront
Sam & Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die!: install
Spacewar: install
Spiral Knights [6][7]: install - storefront
Team Fortress 2 [6]: install - storefront
The Cat and the Coup: install - storefront
TrackMania Nations Forever [2]: install - storefront

For regional Steam users: (aggressive IP block or content access restriction can be applied)
Alliance of Valiant Arms [6][R1]: install - storefront
Forsaken World [6][R2]: install - storefront
PC Gamer Digital [R4]: install - storefront
Rusty Hearts [6][R3]: install - storefront
War Inc. Battlezone [6][R3]: install - storefront

Free addons and resources for already purchased games:
Half-Life (high definition models): install - uninstall - comparison - screenshot
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (Death Area 8 DLC) [8]: install - checkout - storefront
RACE 07 (Crowne Plaza Raceway track): install - storefront
Railworks 2 (Billionaire Benefactor Scenario DLC) [8]: install - checkout - storefront
Railworks 2 (Keeping Up with the Diesels Scenario DLC) [8]: install - checkout - storefront
Railworks 2 (Off the Cotswold Line Career System Scenario Pack DLC) [8]: install - checkout - storefront
Railworks 2 (Port Road Expansion Pack DLC) [8]: install - checkout - storefront
Railworks 2 (UK Buildings Model Pack DLC) [8]: install - checkout - storefront

Steam delivered MODs:
Age of Chivalry (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
Darkest Hour (requires Red Orchestra): install - storefront
Defence Alliance 2 (requires Killing Floor): install - storefront
Dystopia (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
Empires Mod (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
Eternal Silence (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
INSURGENCY (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
Mare Nostrum (requires Red Orchestra): install - storefront
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
Smashball (requires Source SDK): install - storefront
Synergy (requires Half-Life 2): install - storefront
Zombie Panic! Source (requires Source SDK): install - storefront

Related stuffs:
BioShock: Breaking the Mold [Art]: download - storefront
Company of Heroes: All Heroes Rise OST [OST]: download - storefront
Company of Heroes: Songs From the Front OST [OST]: download - storefront
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer Art Book [Art]: download - storefront
GREED: Black Border OST [OST]: download - storefront
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II OST [OST]: download - storefront
Zombie Movie [Mac/Win][Mov]: install - storefront

Honorable mentions:
Portal 2 Soundtrack: Volume 1 [OST]: download - website
Portal 2 Soundtrack: Volume 2 [OST]: download - website
Portal 2 Soundtrack: Volume 3 [OST]: download - website

== Notes ==
[1] mistakenly listed as a demo on storefront
[2] already included on TrackMania United
[3] deployed and deprected, but continues working
[4] mistakenly named as a demo on "My games" list
[5] does not include Source SDK tool (required to run some MODs)
[6] offered by Play4Free license / Free 2 Play / micropayment
[7] storefront not available worldwide, can be installed without restriction
[8] checkout required to include item on account
[R2] Not available for AUS, CHN, HKG, IND, JPN, KOR, MAC, MYS, PHL, PRK, RUS, TWN, VNM
[R3] Not available for RUS
[R4] Available only for USA
[Art] Artbook
[OST] Original Sound Track
[Mov] Movie

Carm 3rd October 2011 11:06 AM

Excellent list Drac :)

Jigoku 3rd October 2011 02:16 PM

For the latest updates to the list see the original thread here: Free Steam games list - Steam Users' Forums

Bling_T 3rd October 2011 06:58 PM

I tried Forsaken World ban can't get it to work. :( Download, patch, hit start, and an error window pops up.

Philosophy 6th October 2011 06:13 PM

Nice work Drac!

Benda 11th October 2011 06:51 PM


ricochet67 15th January 2013 06:56 AM

thanks for this...checking it out now.

anchientrose 25th June 2015 10:43 PM

love these lists so many new games to try

Tulgar 30th June 2015 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by anchientrose (Post 4268871)
love these lists so many new games to try

I see the original post hasn't been updated in a while, did the links still work ok?

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