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Default Buying Steam CD key from 3rd parties?

Hey guys,

I want to buy RAGE and have been looking at G2PLAY.NET - BE SMART, PAY LESS and other places that claim to scan in the boxed CD key (purchased in Russia) and email the picture to you.

They then claim that you can put the CD key into steam and download the game. The only trick comes with the requirement to have a Russian IP to activate the game (after that you can play it wherever you like).

I have no problems getting a Russian IP via vpn but how reliable is the rest of the process? has anyone had any other experiences?
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Oh, crap. I just bought from there and wasn't aware of the Russian VPN requirement..? It doesn't appear to be listed on their webpage that I can see?

" Play on Steam: The key provided by G2PLAY is an official Steam Key (Welcome to Steam). It is activated via Steam, enables you to play on official Steam servers and your game will be kept updated with the latest patches via the Steam platform. To activate our key via Steam simply download Steam, create a new account or login into your existing account, click Games and Activate game on Steam."
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Careful with Russian codes. There have been some massive overhauls for that region and I suspect some exceptionally strict region locks are going to be implemented.

As to the site, the admins over on the Steam Users' Forums decided it needed to be filtered. You can infer from that as to the legitimacy of them as a reseller ...
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Sorry for the length of post, but bear with me....

I tried them out one time after getting frustrated with the price of buying multiple copies of a couple of AAA games for myself and son within a short period of time. I'd seen other TOG'ers recommend them so figured I'd give them a go.

Bad move on my part. After ordering Dragon Age 2 Special Edition (or whatever it was called) and paying by Paypal, they wanted me to send them copies of my drivers licence etc to prove my identity. I disagreed that they should require that as they already had my money and I hadn't paid by credit card such that they felt they needed to protect themselves from unsubstantiated chargeback under a credit card merchant agreement. Ultimately they agreed to accept some information about the region I lived in as evidence - which was a bit strange in my opinion as they were obviously googling to see if what I said matched (which I of course could have done myself).

In the end I got a key for the game, but not the secondary key that enables unlocking of the Special Edition DLC's / Bonuses. After raising it with them, I got all sorts of "we've sent the single key, that's all we have, there is no second key required", "talk to EA", "we provided what we advertised" (which they hadn't), etc responses after which I provided numerous indisputable links (incl EA/Bioware official posts) proving there should be a second key for the Special Edition.

I ultimately was left with no option but to lodge a complaint with Paypal for non-delivery of purchased product. Paypal commenced a dispute resolution process (i.e. we both talk some more and try to come to a settlement), however their offer wasn't acceptable to me as I'd still be left with a standard edition, be further out of pocket to individually purchase the DLC, and not receive the bonus items. By declining their offer and choosing to escalate it to a claim (as suggested by Paypal), Paypal within seconds closed the claim as it fell outside their claim terms (products delivered but not as described not being covered) - which they already knew when they offered to escalate the claim, as I had been required to specify that fact when initially lodging the complaint.

So not only had I been screwed by G2Play, but Paypal joined in by offering to escalate a dispute which they knew they would immediately deny. G2Play were subsequently rather smug in knowing I was left with no recourse and their responses reflected that.

Your mileage may vary, but buyer beware, they're in business for the money and from my experience don't see customer service as a requirement.

That's leaving aside the objections some may have on moral grounds or due to beliefs about the source of the keys being other than advertised.

EDIT: If trying to avoid the Aussie Tax, I'd now only go for a gift from overseas TOG'er, OzgameShop, or GreenManGaming (assuming no regional restrictions are in place) - which one depends upon the game and who stocks it.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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How can you not know that buying a serial from russia is never going to be legit?
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I had made the assumption that it was just another method of purchasing the game and not what I know now - an operation that buys up masses of copies of games from cheaper countries and rips the keys out of them.

I hope they ask me for additional ID, I made the purchase on Tuesday and I believe the funds have yet to be processed. If I could cancel at this point, I probably would. I might see if I can get it canned before it's processed from Paypal's end.
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Its been a bit hit and miss, some people had no probs and others had a horror story like above with CD Key's from Russia. OzGameShops prices might be higher (although around alf of Steam sometimes less) but apart from an awol package (which they helped resolve to 100% of my satisfaction, was the courier's fault), I've had no problems with them at all.

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i havnt had a issue with the 2 that i got that need to be done through a vpn

with the blocking would the argument that i bought it on a holiday or something along them lines be ok? god i no if im overseas and its cheaper i buy it wouldnt u all

if u no what i mean
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Plugged in the key without a VPN and it unlocked. Am able to play. Last time I buy from there though. Prefer not to take the risk.
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ive brought russian keys a few times , from g2play (first time u order its a pain after that its ok) , others from Cdkeyshere.com, havent had any problems so fair , as its easy to get a free russian vpn for a day etc , but i normally get from ebay or ozgameshop if im not to fussed about waiting
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