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Retired Journalist
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Red face Original Mount & Blade or Warband?

Hi all... just curious, is there any point to playing the original Mount & Blade and THEN Warband, or are they essentially the same game (with improvements from Warband)?
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For me the original had better mods. I never really got into Warband in the same way I got into the original.
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Warband has quite a few more features, however I don't think it has as many mods.
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I played hundreds of hours on the original and now nearly cracked 400 on steam for Warband. I have loved them both but I dont think I could go back to the original now.

Mods really give these games longevity. On Warband at the moment playing Prophesy of Pendor. Its a cracker although it is massively harder than vanilla.

I haven't played a game before quite like it where you start more tactical and eventually move to something strategic, with both action and RPG along the way.

If I was entering into the game now, I would just get Warband. Be willing to give it some time though, it takes a bit to learn combat and get into the game.
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