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Default Half-Life 3 T-shirt confirmed

Kotaku are reporting a tweet by Chandana Ekanayake (from Uber Entertainment) who sighted and photographed a Half-Life 3 T-Shirt being worn by a Valve employee attending a Seattle developer event.

Originally Posted by Kotaku (Stephen Totilo)
Valve? Who knows what they’re doing. Maybe they’re eschewing Game Informer covers and just announcing new games via T-shirts. Probably not

I’ve asked a Valve spokesperson to comment on the shirt and on whether HL 3 is in development. If they respond, I’ll be shocked add that to this story.
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It'll be out in 6 months...no wait a year...make that 2 years...actually, better make that 5...
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You will know its close to release when they put out an associated hat for tf2..
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Originally Posted by Dalienx View Post
You will know its close to release when they put out an associated hat for tf2..
Gordon Freeman crowbar, hat and beard.

Waiting on news of this release/development is more agonising than DNF.
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Yeah came across that yesterday, given the source I figured it was a fake.

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Especially considering they have said (IIRC) that Ep. 3 will be before HL 3 is even started....
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