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Default Indie Gala 5

IndieGala is the cute widdle HumbleBundle copy-cat, who also produce a decent package of software for low, low prices! Generally the games aren't of the same quality as the HumbleBundle packages, but you might see something you like.

Their pricing is more staggered and not all games are DRM free, but here's the list as it currently stands:

Pay anything over $1 and you get:
Making History: The Calm Before the Storm [STEAM]
Beat Hazard [STEAM]
Razor 2: Hidden Skies [STEAM]
IronClads Bundle (5 games) [STEAM]

Pay more then $4.36 (at present) and you also get:
Space Empires 4 Deluxe [STEAM]
Battle Mages [DRM-FREE]
World Rally Championship Racing [DRM-FREE]
Bad Rats: Rats Revenge [STEAM]

Pay more than $6.54 (at present) and you also get:
Disciples II: Rise of the Elves [STEAM]
Puzzle Kingdoms [STEAM]
Ninja Blade [DRM-FREE]
SuperBike World Championship [DRM-FREE]

And 3 more unlocks coming next week - probably music.

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These games are largely trash. Sadly.

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