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Originally Posted by PhatFreD View Post
Well, TF2 is F2P now and it is still enjoyable.
That's debatable.

When that game launched, it was hectic but there was a nice kind of minimalism to that chaos. Now it's just a mess. Last time I logged in was given some weird dolly dress up screen of characters, when I finally found my way to shooting stuff I had no idea what was going on anymore, all the weapons and abilities seemed to have changed, meh. Didn't bother going back. I miss the old simple TF2.

Clearly some people love that kind of thing, but I don't think it's for me. I play games for the immersion, be it visual or cognitive - if I wanted to express my tastes and individuality to people online I'd write a blog or go on facebook or something. Mixing that kind of stuff with games just seems to add a whole bunch of noise and the game design on a whole looses clarity.
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