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Default Metal Dead - Zombie Adventure Game

I met the guys who made this tonight (all 2 of them), cracking indie adventure game that doesn't hold back on the gore - great humour and writing as well. Zombies + Metal + Indie Adventure = win.

They spent about 18 months making this in their basement(s), pretty much zero budget. One of my former students is now also working with them on the sequel.

Support your fellow aussie game devs and grab a copy for $5 at any of the following sites (not currently available on steam):

Metal Dead - Buy and download on GamersGate
Metal Dead | Indievania
Metal Dead Windows game | Desura
Metal Dead - IndieCity (£2.99)

It also received several award nominations, one for it's writing (it's running against Portal 2 in the Best Writing – Comedy category) and another nomination for Best Independent Adventure. Possibly something to tide over those waiting for the steam sale of walking dead.
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Well anything with zombies will do it for me. Thanks for sharing their story.
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Metal Dead started out as a funny game. ... Turns out to be more of an adventure....Itís different than other zombie games....
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