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Default What is your opinion of virtual goods? (university research)

I'm a Cambridge grad student researching the economics of digital currencies and character development items. Participation in the research survey below and related comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I got you but the questions were not what I expected them to be.
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This survey does not look like it has been passed through an ethics committee, nor does it have associated documentation about the projects with which it is associated. This looks like no more than project work for an assignment rather than true academic research. I would have concerns about doing it as it is missing the normal academic safeguards.


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I'm somewhat unsure as to how those question relate to economics and in game character building analysis. Then again, i'm no grad student of economics.

Point is, I hate virtual purchases. I'd rather have a physical item to add to my collection than an online item that might not be accessible in the future when (company A) maybe goes bottom-up.
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And given it is his first post in TOG I would be wary.
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Odd questions. The questions i felt was being asked by the MMO game company.
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Seems innocuous. No personally identifiable information requested, unless you volunteer your email address.
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