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Default THQs Humble Bundle and subsequent bankruptcy

THQ’s Humble Bundle and subsequent bankruptcy

The Humble Indie Bundle has been going strong since May of 2010, spreading its wings and occasionally releasing bundles that don’t contain video games, such as an ebook bundle and a music bundle. Just a few weeks ago, Humble Bundle released their first non-indie bundle, a pack of games from developer THQ. People feared that Humble Bundle might begin turning its back on the indie industry, and when the THQ bundle sold incredibly well, that only exacerbated that fear.

Gamers not only wondered why Humble Bundle would go non-indie, but why THQ would allow people to buy all of their mainstream games for pennies on the dollars. Not too long after the window for buying the bundle closed, THQ declared bankruptcy, somewhat explaining why they attempted to get squeeze every last sale out of their games through a Humble Bundle offering. THQ is currently looking for a buyer.
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Uncertain future: here’s what THQ’s bankruptcy means for the company and its lineup of games

I missed the news about THQ. It's sad to see another one being gone.
Can't really see that they will be around for much longer.


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