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Default HumbleBundle - MOJAM 2!

MOJAM 2 is on at present on HumbleBundle!

MOJAM is a 3 day programming event by Mojang (producers of the excellent Minecraft) and other selected developers to produce some new games for our enjoyment. All proceeds go to charity!

These won't necessarily be triple-A games when the entire development is being done in 3 days - likely more along the lines of the results from LudumDare competitions. However, if you want to support these two charities (the EFF and Block by Block) and get some sure-to-be fun games from some of the leading indie developers, head on over to HumbleBundle which is the offical site for MOJAM.

Oh, I should mention - the promised results are 3 games by Mojang and 1 by each of the other 5 developers.

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If you want to see more news on what they have been making, see the thread in the Minecraft division - http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...am-2013-a.html

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