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Question uPlay and Origin

I found Dead Space 2 on the weekend for $12 on uPlay. Downloads and installs great.

Go to play, I need uPlay and Origin open at same time due to DS2 being an EA game, and even then very fiddly to get running....

Anybody have other experience with uPlay downloads?
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Well I don't have any downloaded games through uPlay I do have it installed and just bought FarCry 3 but that was a physical so had no dramas.

I was however wondering how this might work with cross bred games like that so I'm interested in this one to....
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I'm mainly Steam focused but have a few steam bought games that require Uplay (FC3 springs to mind). Never had any "major" issues just find it annoying they require 2 forms of DRM. The Uplay always on thing hasn't been an issue. My net is flakey and drops out but I've never been booted from Uplay (just had some syncing issues)
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Uplay informs you in game (via the menu system) when you are no longer actively connected, but that does not stop you from continuing to play, stopping and restarting. When you finally reconnect, it syncs achievements and saves etc done while offline (requires a restart of Uplay, at least it did the last time it happened to me).

Found it to be fairly innocuous although starting a game in steam only to have Uplay kick off was a bit weird. It'll be like the movies soon, we have to sit through 15 minutes of sequentially loaded online stores/drm schemes (aka "previews") before we get to the good stuff... =)

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