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Default GOG 1-day Sale

70-85% discounts off a lot of titles on GOG today only.

A lot of it is as bundles where the discount drops when you remove titles, but a huge number of games in their general catalogue are reduced as well.

Basically, if you're browsing through their main games list and click on a title such as Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption and over the right under the price it says "you save $x.xx", it means the game is reduced at least 50%.

So, a little bit of effort might be needed to check if the games you want are on sale, but that's what the Wishlist is there for! (Every game on my Wishlist is at least 50% off, so I presume most of their catalogue is)

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If you buy everything in the set it is 70-85%. Once you change it and select the games that you only want then you get 50% off.

Still really good deals though

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