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Default Greenlighting Australian and New Zealand made

Help them get their games on steam by clicking this link and following the instructions.

Help these Australian and New Zealand games get the Greenlight on Steam! | tsumea

If you dont wish to click the link, I have copied and pasted the main part to read below.

Last year, we made a news item about helping locally developed games get the Greenlight on Steam which received good attention and gave a little bit of extra exposure for Australian and New Zealand made games pushing for distribution.

It's been nearly a year since and rather than updating our list on tsumea here, Steam actually has a much, much nicer solution. Through their 'collections' feature in the Greenlight section, we've set up a 'tsumea: Australia and New Zealand made' list which contains all the local titles that we know of in there. Now you can navigate the list directly on the Steam platform via their application or website and just be a click away from finding all about these fantastic homegrown games and giving them the thumbs up.

Check it out here, or search for 'tsumea' whilst selecting the Collections tab in the Greenlight section if you're in the application.

Oh, and if your game is missing from the list, let me know in the comments area here, on the collections page, send me a message on twitter, or shoot me a message on Steam, and I will update the list right away! And be sure to give our list a thumbs up if you think it deserves it!

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Didn't realise dungeon dashers was locally made. I actually preordered it off their website after voting for it on greenlight, very fun.
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