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Please don't share keys. See HumbleBundle or this post for any details. It's against their policy, and this is a public forum. Axe_Murder's situation is fine, as they're happy for entire bundles to be gifted as it has required a separate purchase, but individual titles means someone's avoiding the $1 it costs to get the keys.

I'd be especially wary of doing so with Origin keys, as they'll almost certainly keep an eye on which accounts generated sets of keys are used for. To be clear, non-DRM-free titles are non-DRM-free.

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You shouldn't trade / give away codes. Admin posted in a thread regarding this in the COD forums, but I seem unable to copy and paste on my tablet.

Edit: beaten by slow tablet typing.
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Taken down, my sincere apologies.
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I went over my monthly data usage this month, and went to look at the usage because we normally never get close to going over 200gb.

Then I saw 87gb on 15th August and realised - Humble Bundle
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Got it!
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