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Default [GOG] Nordic Games (Last Chance)

Nordic Games is leaving GOG - it's suspected over a dispute with GOG refusing to enable regional pricing to bump up prices for customers in places like Australia. GOG in fact went the other way, and introduced a "fair trade" system, which means for existing titles on their catalog which there are regional pricing differences in place for, they'll credit you the difference (between the US price in your local currency, and your regional price) as an account credit to use towards other games. <3 GOG.

Anyhow, this means that for the next couple of days only (before they are removed from sale on the site), all Nordic Games (and related studios, such as Frictional Games) are 75-80% off!

You can see the full list here: GOG.com

Includes titles such as Gothic 2-3, the Spellforce series, Amnesia 2 & Penumbra Collection, Desperados 1&2, The Guild 1&2, Painkiller, Red Faction 1&2 and many more! All games purchased will remain available on your account but no longer be purchasable.

Note: Some games like Amnesia 1 and Gothic 1 are either self-published by studios or a different publisher, so aren't caught up in the Nordic mess and will still be available at their usual price.

So, if you need to complete you DRM-free collection with any of these, now's the time!

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