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Who are, or what is, The Older Gamers?
The Older Gamers are members of a community for people that still enjoy playing computer games, but are in a bit of an older age bracket than the 'stereotypical' gamer. TOG is for gamers who (regretfully) can't go out boozing every weekend, because we have partners, and are left at our PC's playing games after a quiet dinner or putting the kids to bed. TOG is for busy workers who need to de-stress from their busy jobs by shooting a few players each night. TOG is also for people who have retired and find themselves with plenty of time to indulge a hobby of online gaming.

TOG is for gamers whose memories might go back to playing Pacman on an Atari 2600; gamers who had as much fun playing Pitfall on the C-64 as they do playing the latest games today - although the nostalgia junkies might still be running a C-64 a simulator somewhere on their PC. A lot of us who started their gaming addiction on those machines are still around going strong on all the latest games.

TOG is for gamers who are passionate about their hobby of PC games (particularly online multiplayer games), but who want to escape or separate themselves from the abusive, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour, usually attributed to younger players, that is so often encountered when gaming online.

We have found that it is simply a lot more enjoyable to play a game of Warcraft/Call of Duty/Battlefield 1942/PlanetSide etc., or to meet up in Star Wars Galaxies or the latest MMORPG server, with people you have something in common with. Eventually these people become a new circle of online friends, so you will be playing with and against people you know. Even offline TOG members often get together for LAN events, a night at the pub for a few beers.

This is exactly what TOG is about: a friendly, vibrant community full of PC gaming addicts from around the world, who are old enough to know how to enjoy ourselves properly!

Is TOG a clan?
TOG is more than a gaming clan. Our large member base is active in many more games than a typical clan might be involved in, and our focus is more on our community rather than on an individual game. One of the great things about TOG is that anytime an interesting game comes along, you can almost guarantee there will be a host of players ready to go! For many of our games, however, we do compete (sometimes fielding multiple teams) in online competitions. In these games that have a competitive aspect about them, we are active in the exact same manner as other clans. In MMORPG games, TOG will usually form at least one Guild/Player Association/Outfit (whatver term is approriate).

Is there a minimum age?
Yes. The minimum age is 25.

How old are you all, really?
The average age is somewhere in the early 30s, but we have had people join up the day they turn 25, and we have many players in their 40s, and some in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

How do I become a member?
If you are reading this page you are already halfway there; understanding what TOG is all about by reading this FAQ is essential. After you have the documents outlined in this thread and TOG sounds like the place for you, then register yourself on the website.

When registering please use your gaming nickname - do not use the 'TOG' prefix as part of your nickname. This name is how you will come to be known by the TOG community. The amount of information that you give out when filling in the signup fields is your choice, but we do appreciate that you fill in a location, typically City, State, Country.

Once you have registered, post an introductory post in 'The Barracks' forum, with the requirements outlined in the "READ BEFORE POSTING" thread. Apart from this, you should note that your personality is key within TOG.

We are all pretty relaxed players and although we play certain games competitively and are serious about enjoying our gaming, skill level and 'commitment to a game' are not a requirements to play with TOG. We expect all our members to be respectful of all other members (until you get to know them, then the ribbing can start!), regardless of their skill at a particular game.

Where are TOG members located?
TOG is an international community, and we have members from many different countries. As the majority of our members are Australian and American, the language used in our forums and on the website is English. TOG was initially formed in Australia.

How do you get around the time differences with an international player base?
For certain games, especially team-based FPS games, it does cause problems. Most competition matches take place in the evening of the timezone of the competition, so that often precludes players from other countries participating in those games together. Having said that, TOG does have several shift workers; often a shift worker from one timezone will end up playing more with the TOGs in another country. For MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games that are running 24/7, there is 'local timezone' action often all week long, but we typically try to meet each other across timezones at a mutually agreeable time on the weekends. TOG will choose a specific server at the launch of most MMO games, in order to ensure all our players can hook up together at some point.

Which games are played at TOG?
There is no limit to which games are and will be played at TOG - we play whatever games our members choose! Obviously not everyone has every game, but all our members are keen gamers and all have different likes and dislikes. You will almost certainly find someone else at TOG who has the same gaming interests that you do. Even noteworthy singleplayer games can be discussed at length in TOG.

We tend to only form a gaming division for the games that we compete in, are strong in growth or are in someway active in.

Each game that has its own division & each division will have its own "Divisional Captain" who is responsible for all the operational functions related to that game, e.g. ladder challenges, postings on public forums, recruiting, helping new players get settled, keeping the division 'vibrant', etc.

This person is being referred to as the "Division Captain" (DC) & may be assisted by a "Division Vice Captain" (DVC). If the division is a large one, there may be multiple Teams (in the case of FPS games) or Guilds (in the case of MMO games. These are headed by Squad Leaders & Guild Leaders, but the overall running & final decisions are made the the Division Captain.

If you are interested in a specific game pleased read the "Stickies" in the game forum you are interested in. These "Stickies" contain all the information you need to play the game with TOG. Certain games, especially the ones played competitively, will have requirements and administration procedures associated with them to make things run smoothly.

For a complete list of Gaming Divisions and their Captains, click here.

What if I want to play another game clan wise or casually, can I do it at TOG?
Most certainly, there are lots of other games out there that current members play. There are general forums for various game genres, where people put up announcements like "Who wants to play some Civ IV?" or "Anyone playing Silent Hunter III?"....

How do I use the forums?
They are pretty self explanatory to use, there are other FAQs on the forums which you should have a look at. They are based on vBulletin, which is a popular forum interface. If you are using your own signatures and avatars we do ask you to not use huge images, and excessive animation in either becomes quite irritating after a while. Do not use anything offensive or disturbing - if you aren't sure, check with an Admininstrator first! There is a size limitation on signatures and avatars, check the Notice Board forum when you sign up.

Are there any rules in TOG?
Yes. The Older Gamers do not endorse actions that contravene your respective games' EULA and rules. Additionally we do not endorse cheating, exploiting or utilisation of any other methods which provide an unfair advantage. TOG play by the rules. In fact, in order to become a TOG member, you must read and agree to the TOG:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Acceptable Usage Policy
  3. Forum & Server Guidelines
TOG has a good reputation in the wider community and we want to keep it that way! Abusing or insulting other gamers or TOG members in a game, or in forums, is not appreciated and will not be tolerated if done repeatedly.

Keep your cool; if your team member stuffs up, keep perspective and remember it's only a game.

We take our gaming seriously at TOG, but not at the expense of other members or players, not everyone has the same levels of skill and nor should it be expected. We play and compete for the fun and enjoyment of the game. We do however have teams for those who want to play with a more committed or competitive team.

We understand that real life has a habit of getting in the way, and that we use games for the fun and relaxation of it all. We all swear occasionally, and yes it happens during matches when frustrated by narrowly missing an objective. We just don't want this to become the only memory of the game.

Keep your swearing to a minimum, when using voice communication software - be aware there might be kids in the background at your team-mates house! We also expect a certain amount of 'decency' in the way that you play and conduct yourself in multiplayer games. This cannot easily be described in a set of rules, and it is not our intention to curb anyone's enjoyment of a game by requiring that they play in a certain style. We are not saying that your RPG character has to be of good alignment, for instance - but we do expect our members to 'play fair'. If, after joining TOG, you are thinking of doing something in a game that you aren't sure is within the spirit of our community, or the game, then please ask your fellow players opinions first, because your actions may reflect on all of us. Being part of a community has a great benefit and will give you a lot of enjoyment, but it also brings some responsibility. Intentionally breaching the AUP and Code of conduct regarding behaviour on servers will leave us no choice but to remove you from TOG.

We at clan XYZ want to challenge you, what do we do?
Put up a post on in Contact TOG , and we will get things organised. Alternatively you can contact the appropriate game division captain via our list of Current Divisional Captains.

Who is responsible for what at TOG?
Father is the founder & overall administrator. He takes care of the behind the scenes TOG matters.

There are several other administrators and forum moderators who frequent the site and perform day to day duties & these are the people you should contact if you need assistance.

Most games that are played competitively in one way or another require some people to take some responsibilities to administer these games, they are called our Division captains.

Info regarding our Admins, Moderators and Division captains can be found on the "TOG Policies, Manuals & Guidelines" forum.

I am having Technical difficulties what do I do?
Many problems with the website relating to access are caused by cookies and temporary files, we advise to delete these files as a first try to solve your problem. Failing that, we have a Site Problem and Suggestion forum in which you can post your query. As a last resort, you can email Father directly, if your problem persists.

OK, I am a member, what's next?
The forum messageboards are the most active part of TOG, and that is where most of the outside-game activity occurs. With the large amount of posts across all forums we do not expect each and every member to read each post in game forums that they are not interested in, but we do expect members to read all TOG announcement posts in The Notice Board forum. If you intend to become an active member of a gaming division, you should visit the forum for that game often to stay up to date with what is happening. Feel free, of course, to visit and post in other forums that interest you. If you want to get enlisted in gaming squads/outfits/teams, contact the appropriate Division Captain yourself - these people can't come to each member separately asking them what they want to get involved in. Each game has its own FAQ so please use that as your first source of information. There is most likely a set of sticky posts in the game forum that will have some useful information about how to get started and involved. Where possible, we require that you carry the TOG tag in front of your nickname when playing online games. For certain games which have a character development cycle it might not be that easy to change your name but if you can we appreciate it! How to format this tag for each game is usually found in a 'sticky post' in the game forum. If you have important questions to ask feel free to use the PM (Private message) functionality, popping a question in the middle of a thread like "hey mister x, what do you think of this?" might not get spotted. If it's important send a PM (personal message)!

Can I contribute to TOG?
The TOG community is a service to members that is free, and will remain free. Being free does not mean there are no costs; chief amongst these is the significant cost of hosting this website, which increases regularly as the community and the website grows in size. If you want to contribute to TOG please click "here"

Can I advertise/sponsor TOG?
For details on advertising on TOG please click "here"

The FAQ didn't help me! Can someone in TOG please answer my question?
If it's related to a specific game contact the appropriate Division Captain, don't forget to read the forum's sticky information posts first. Check out the "TOG Policies, Manuals & Guidelines" forum to find out who that is.

Alternatively, you can just post the question in the relevant game forum. For more general questions, you can post a message in the Lounge forum (as our members are always happy to lend a helping hand), or contact the Admins for specific site-related questions (as specified on the "TOG Policies, Manuals & Guidelines" forum).

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