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BishopNZ 6th September 2010 02:05 PM

Firefall *2012*
What happens when you cross Borderlands with Tribes, and get ex Blizzard and ex Tribes people (lead dev of Tribes) to make it?

Something that I can't wait till it goes live!

YouTube - Firefall PAX 2010 Gameplay

edit Ned: Official Site - Firefall | - Team Based Action Shooter -


FIREFALL is a team-based action shooter. Join your friends in an epic online campaign across a vast open world to stop the Melding and fight for the survival of humanity against the army of the Chosen. Advance your army and character through technological upgrades. Level up different character classes. Compete for supremacy in various multiplayer game types. Push back the Melding. SAVE EARTH

Thermal Ions 6th September 2010 10:02 PM

Looks a little interesting. Open world, team based action shooter which can be shared with 100's of other players. Sounds like it'll need dedicated servers so may all hinge on how they are run and possibly where they are located.

FAQ from their forum:


What is Firefall?
Firefall is a team-based action shooter combining deep character progression with an open-world cooperative campaign that can be shared with hundreds of other players. Firefall will also have a rich competitive multiplayer component incorporating built-in features such as clan support, ladders, tournaments and stats.

Firefall takes place on Earth, but it is an Earth transformed. The year is 2233. A highly efficient form of energy was discovered by utilizing the resource Crystite. The overuse of Crystite led to the disastrous arrival of the Melding, an energy storm that has engulfed the majority of the planet. You play as a surviving human in the eye of the Melding storm.

Recently, humanity has been fighting for survival against a race calling themselves the Chosen. They emerged from the Melding with only one known goal, the destruction of the human race.

When does the game come out?
We are planning to release Firefall at the end of 2011.

Is Firefall an MMO?
No. Firefall is first and foremost an action shooter. We incorporated a lot of elements that you might find in various genres, including MMOs, but it is not an MMO in the traditional sense.

How much will Firefall cost to play?
We are so excited about Firefall that we want to make sure everyone can play it and join their friends in the game. When Firefall releases, it will be available online for download and play for absolutely free.

Will there be a subscription fee?
Absolutely not. We do not feel that a subscription fee best suits the style of game we are creating.

How do you plan to make money?
We plan to offer a marketplace for Firefall that will offer players items to enhance their gaming experience. We are adamantly against selling anything that might compromise the skill-based aspect of the game.

What are you showing at PAX?
We are demoing a portion of the open-world experience. You can check out the same demonstration (minus the awesome experience of meeting the dev team) by checking out the movies on FIREFALL

Are there any additional details regarding the competitive multiplayer?
For now, we are only discussing the open-world co-op experience. You can expect to see a lot more about the muliplayer experience at a later date.

What are battleframes?
Battleframes are sets of armor and weapons that denote your class in Firefall. You will customize these pieces of armor and weapons through modules and upgrades to create your own unique style of play. Battleframes can be switched out during gameplay at a battleframe station, giving you the option to change tactics on-the-fly.

How many battleframes will there be at launch?
For PAX, we are only talking about the Assault and Medic battleframes. Additional details will be released later.

Aldmw 7th September 2010 02:18 AM

YouTube - Firefall - Red5 recruitment gameplay video

Doxxan 9th September 2010 01:19 AM

I want this! Shooter games have always been among my favorites and this really gives me tribes/borderlands/even planetside (to an extent) vibes. Will be keeping a close eye on this one.

Drac 9th September 2010 01:58 AM

Not showing any actual gameplay yet. Looks like a decent engine with some nice animations and effects, but so far that's about it. Need to see a lot more before I'd consider buying into it.

Aldmw 9th September 2010 02:11 AM


Originally Posted by Drac (Post 2895984)
Not showing any actual gameplay yet. Looks like a decent engine with some nice animations and effects, but so far that's about it. Need to see a lot more before I'd consider buying into it.

Theres a 10 minute gameplay video in the original post.

ColdCamV 9th September 2010 02:13 AM

Looks interesting. I used to love tribes..always running around with the jetpack and exploring every crashed ship on the map (I was younger and loved to explore leave me alone) just to see whats inside and if anyone was hiding inside it.

Keeping my eyes on this one and hoping its as good as if not better then tribes was.

Ned 9th September 2010 09:43 AM

There's a BETA sign ups link on the official site (top of page)..

Aldmw 10th September 2010 06:25 AM

More Firefall Footage From PAX | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

More footage with commentary :)

Spectre8 10th September 2010 05:35 PM

Definitely is on my radar. Borderlands held huge appeal, but ultimately left me wanting... different. It did so many things right, but was still somewhat limited.

This looks simply amazing. VERY interesting to see a truly different approach to mass-gaming. It's not an MMO, it's free - and it looks to be massively open-world... very unusual combination. Most (all?) MMO shooters will suffer greatly from lag, or be built in such a way that accuracy is diminished so much that a two second lag doesn't factor. Both bad options.

Having semi-local massive servers sounds like it could be a brilliant and elegant solution.

Still over a year off - so we'll see how it all pans out.

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