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Zhul 3rd November 2012 01:18 AM

FireFall: Chosen Collusion Event
FireFall Beta Testers! There is going to be a player sponsored (and R5 supported) event starting tonight at 6ish PM US Eastern Time (5 PM Central, 3 PM Pacific). The gist is to wipe out the Chosen then fall back to Copa and hang out for a while to see how long it takes them to recapture the points on the map.

Start time for Australia would be Saturday November 3rd.
Perth @ 6:00 am
Sydney @ 9:00 am

Event - Chosen Collusion Friday November 2, 7 PM EST | Firefall Forums

Originally Posted by fluffydeath
Colluders! I should be online and in game (fluffydeath) at 6pm EST. I will start going through my list of previous colluders (from the last attempt) and invite them, as soon as I am in the instance. At 6:30 if you have not made it into my instance yet, please whisper myself or one of the R5 individuals for an invite. Be patient. Once you have Joined Leader into the instance please make my inviting easier by leaving the group. You are welcome to form your own groups. I ask that no one go out and kill the Chosen until my signal (roughly 7 PM) this mostly so everyone can join in the pre-data-gathering 'fun'.
I ask that if you are going to go Killing that you join a squad. and that our squads are full so we can maintain a headcount, and If we have enough squads we can assign areas for each squad. This will also allow us to gather data regarding how fast can players in general push back the chosen and keep them pushed back.

Once the Accord has control of zones, we will need to keep the zones clean of chosen until we reach a nice even time stamp. (7:30, 7:45, 8:00) at which point I will ask us all to fall back to copa and watch the fireworks.

Tentative TIme Line (all TImes in EST)
6PM - fluffydeath logs in starts inviting previous colluders
6:30pm- starts accepting invites from all colluders.
7:00 - start the slaughter
7:30-8 stop killing Chosen. FAll back to Copa Cabana. Gather Data.

Once a point of stagnation seems to have hit, Kill teams will be sent out to kill "useless" drop pods and supporting chosen. I don't know if we should ever need to kill the chosen occupying towers or not. (I believe if the tower remains in chosen control they will just respawn anyway.) Due to The Incursion Generator Bug and their despawn timers we should not have to deal with Incursions at all.
Once again I ask that if you are going to go Killing that you join a squad. and keep squads full so we can maintain our headcount.

Note to the Mods: FireFall is not under an NDA (as noted in this thread) and beta testers are free to talk about the game.


Originally Posted by Phobos

The NDA for Firefall has been lifted. Feel free to talk about the game.

Welcome to Firefall, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Zhul 3rd November 2012 11:53 AM

Well, the event was short and sweet. I posted my feedback here:
Event - Chosen Collusion Feedback | Firefall Forums

Zhul 13th November 2012 03:18 PM

Another player-sponsored Chosen Collusion event is taking place!

Start Time is as follows:
On Friday the 16th:
  • 4:00 PM Pacific US
  • 6:00 PM Central US
  • 7:00 PM Eastern US
On Saturday the 17th:
  • Midnight GMT (sorry Europe :( )
  • 1:00 AM Stockholm, Sweden
  • 8:00 AM Perth, AU
  • 11:00 AM Sydney, AU
  • 1:00 PM Auckland, NZ

Event- Collusion Redux Friday 11/16 7PM EST. + STRESS TESTS | Firefall Forums


Originally Posted by FluffyDeath
Once again, I would like to try hosting another collusion event. As I do not wish to assume or impose upon Red5 I will operate under the assumption that I will be staging a coup on whatever shard I happen to be inhabiting at that time. The same Structure will apply as before.

In addition, since I know we had individuals "sneaking" on the private shards through squad invites the other thing I would like to do, is see just how many people we can get inhabiting the one shard before we start to see simple performance degradation.

Thirdly, I believe during the last Collusion eventwe had some super squads forming with one squad having 20 members? lets see how big of a squad we can get before squading really breaks.

Even though I am operating under the assumption that Red5 will be unable to provide support, I would also like to prepare and make things easier in case they are able. SO this thread will act as a sign up sheet. To sign-up to be included in the event leave your In Game Name in a post in this thread. The only other Post you should really need to leave is if you wish to assist by getting people off the shard who want out.

There will be a clear Deadline of 23:59 PST on Wednesday 11/14. This sign-up sheet will only be used if Red5 decides to involve themselves to be fair to them, so they have time to prepare proper resources and not be overwhelmed.

I will edit this post with more Details as the occur to me.

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