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Firefall (Public) A FPSMMO in the style of Tribes

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Lightbulb Firefall: My Feedback Needs Your Votes, Plz

Hi Guys,

The Firefall game forum site has a linked section for contributing personal Feedback ideas to the developers. However it is based on a popularity system of Votes.

Like in the past example of TOGer's boosting the vote request to Increase Army Size.

However I presently have 2 idea's of my own that can use some love.

Idea #1

Originally Posted by Atrayo
Collect Accord Corpse Npc's Dog Tags As An Achievement

A couple days ago as I entered the "Diamond Head" instance near the entrance there were 3 corpse npc bodies just laying their looking pretty. Right next to their wrecked shuttle.

So I thought how about creating an Achievement whereby any friendly npc corpse's of the Accord. They're Dog Tags on abandoned bodies can become collected so they're not considered as MIA. (missing in action)
Basically area's where shuttle's are wrecked in ARES missions or the instances like "Diamond Head" would be ideal places for this achievement of collecting Dog Tags.

Idea #2

Originally Posted by Atrayo

Have Emmanuel Almas Be Portrayed in a Series on Stage 5 Productions

Have your fictional journalist correspondent "Emmanuel Almas" appear in a series of short video stories under your Stage 5 productions. Such as those listed in your news section and the Points of Interest section of the game website. It would bring these tales into a new light and possibly expand the audience of the lore of this game world in the process.

Anyone else that may have a Particular Firefall Feedback your welcome to post it to this thread. To garner Votes for yourselves as well.
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Thumbs up

Hi Folks,

I've just posted up Idea #3 over at Firefall. Regarding a twist on how the ARES hack console game mode could be played out.

Originally Posted by Atrayo
Refinement on ARES Hack Game Mode Mission

How about taking a page from the first "BioShock" game. Where players in that game needed to hack a vending machine to unlock game purchases. In the case of FireFall for every ARES mission that requires a hacked display console for mission completion. To give the player interacting with said mission console a 15 to 30 second Mini-Game speed round.
Please offer up your votes if you have any available if you like my Ideas, thank you.
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