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Default I tried. System freeze

Well I downloaded and came back into the game today. Not so happy about some of the changes. I gave it a go for most of the day. But it froze my system twice today. Hard reset required. There's nothing wrong with my machine I've been playing BF4, ESO, Archeage Beta, Wildstar without a hitch. Yet this game froze my system twice in one day.

Have fun.
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Sorry to hear that.

You could ask for help in the Firefall support forum which filled with helpful players and support staff

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Do you run any overlays?
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I'm playing. A lot. It's a Crossfire issue. And always has been. After the big patch it seemed to settle down. But still seemed to stutter. I've disabled Crossfire on my ATI 5770's and am still running around 50 - 70 FPS on Very High anyway. Which is pretty dang good for an older card.
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