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Thumbs up SOE "Free Realms" Overview

Hi All,

I'll just borrow Justin Kace review template here to explain the F2P game of "Free Realms".

Name: Free Realms (SOE = Sony Online Entertainment)

Genre: Fantasy

Style: MMO Lite slash RPG, a good primer for the young gamer to be introduced into the MMO genre of game play.

Combat Style: Button mashing, but dependent of the Job based ability chosen and the items used in your utility belt. (healing potions or attack items) Also no danger of Mob going aggro on you in the wilds. All combat is instanced based when clicking on a mob.

(This most recent December game update revamped the Combat and user UI)

Learning Curve: Simple, great for a TOGer and their child to enjoy together.

(There is a Parental Control system in place.)

Crafting: The Paragon role model of what crafting should be in a MMO. Based around a mini-game (various types) that doesn't get old.

PVP: The only PvP is for Duels between players. Which ports both users to a private instance.

Role-Playing: Voluntary due to the demographic target audience of tweens.

Leveling style: Jobs based as a form of classes going up to lvl 20 so far per jobs. Free member jobs are: Adventurer, Brawler, Postman, Ninja, Miner to name a few. Paid member jobs are: Blacksmith (makes member only weapons), Warrior, Wizard, Archer, Medic to name a few.

(A past update i read allows everyone to sample any member job up to level 5. After that the member jobs are listed as i stated above via a montjly subscription of $4.99 US. That includes additional content like member only quests and better loot.)

Server Pop: There are 10 server shards, where typically server 1 as the biggest player population.

Stability: Very stable since the game is initiated via your web browser, which than launches into a full screen mode.

Immersion: 6/10
Graphic Quality: 7/10
Sound Quality: 8/10
Content Quality: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

Brief Description: A F2P game where you can be one of various job based classes. (some jobs are members only) The demographic is aimed towards the Tween audience like "Wizard 101". However many adults are flocking to this game with over 5 million registered users so far.

Pros: The crafting system is excellent as the model of all Mmorpg's. The mini-games doesn't make crafting or harvesting feel like a grind, like in other MMO's.

Cons: The chat filter doesn't allow numbers and some words. Due to a minor giving out his phone number and the parents complaining. (The dev's are working on correcting this snag-fu.)

Also many minors or kids may spam you with buddy, group, or guild invites without even starting a chat with you. (The Dev's are working on a solution for this issue)

Payment options: A hybrid of F2P, Micro-transactions, and a member subscription running at $4.99 US per month.

Download Size: It's browser based where the download is routed through. It does install a hidden directory to your computer. (Admin rights to your system reveals it)

Comments: The recent December update has added Player housing. Free members get a spacious apartment room. Paid members get a small 2 room rural house. (micro transactions allows the purchase of a larger home) Both versions of player housing comes with some basic furniture.

Fishing job was recently added. Likewise a new variety of exotic player pets, such as: dinosaurs, unicorns, ponies, & dragons.

Not to forget there are other jobs such as: Soccer, Derby Driver, Race Track Driver (both driver jobs sorta plays like Mario Kart on the Nintendo console.)

I've only scratched the tip of this iceberg for children of all ages.

If you do sign-up we have a small listing of around 10 TOGers that have played in the past. (not sure how active they may be at this present moment)
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Nice review Atrayo. Great that they added housing and fishing, didn't know that !

Free to grind | ESO (Ariya Sama-Sera Sama-Tanika Sama)
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Thanks Ariya.

Probably as you were reading my overview. I was making adjustments to the post besides proof reading it.

So i may have added some other info tidbits you missed.
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Damn it, this actually sounds kind of cool... I was steering clear of it because of my undying hatred of all things SOE. But I might just have to take a quick peek some time soon...
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I seemed to gravitate to the cooking minigames - consequently I'm a top notch chef in game (ironic, because IRL I even burn my toast). However the game is squarly aimed at the early teen market so I decided to put my adventures on hold until my neices were a bit older - playing the game alone as an adult just felt weird.
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I recently (19 Dec around) playing this game, so I could play with my Goddaughter (9). Could anyone recommend a Guild? Wanting one not named 'High School Musical' or 'Boys Rock' please

As for the game, the mini games are surprisingly addicting. The chat system is annoying (but understandable). I really appreciate that it is a non-crude environment for young children, but I have had words like 'submit' censored (when I was asking if the submit ticket was broken) Would be neat if there was a guild I could find with parents in it.

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Hello Winter Icybreeze,

Recently the dev's have added a chat feature where common words or phrases. Can be selected while typing from a drop down menu, in order to mitigate the chat censoring.

As for a guild recommendation. TOG doesn't have a presence, however another mature minded community / guild is that of OTG. (The "Old Timers Guild") They have a thread over in the guild recruitment message board at the official game forum site.

One thing i forgot to mention in my overview is the "Launch Pad" game play feature. Where a series of trampoline jumping points have been set up to cross an area faster by high air jumps.
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Hey everyone! i was woundering if any toggers are playing freerealms! let me know. my in game name is Nicolas Keentempest. i wanted Rico Coutee but it in the process of getting aproved. so drop in a line in game.
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Hello constatine,

I logged in for a couple of hours yesterday to redeem my remaining "treasue tickets". (since SOE is doing away with that reward system) I hadn't logged in since over a month ago to enjoy the winter holiday celebrations. I'll probably log in soon to enjoy the Valentine holiday treatment the game has received already. ( I seem to only log in for holidays to see what they do to the world)

Also, as of late the Dev's at SOE have a blocking option for those pesky friend & guild invites.

I'll repost the former TOG buddy list i maintained from another thread into this one. Which i'll add your name to it constatine for good measure.
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Hi All,

This is a repost from this older Thread that was never moved out of the "Mmorpg: The Realms" message board.


I'll just post here a Friends List Roster of TOG members in "Free Realms". So we can at least stay in touch.

TOG Name = Free Realms Toon Name = Time Zone
1) sschrupp = Kalizaar = CST
2) brohawk = Arman Keenstinger = EDT
3) RogueSlayer = Roguesbane = EDT
4) Atrayo = Atrayo = EST
5) The DCG = Anya Redpath = CST
6) MsGhoul = Kim Moondancer = CST
7) TheGhoul = Doug Flutterby = CST
8 ) QueensKnight = Ailrus Daysky= EDT
9) Ariya = Arill = GMT+2
10) namm = Namm Namm = GMT+2
11) constatine = Nicolas Keentempest = CST
12) cowkiller = King Cow = ?

(Please note: some of these TOG members may not be fully active with "Free Realms" any longer.)
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