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If you are looking for something else to try that i can recommend this game. It is cutesyish so if that's a problem then look elsewhere. I like cartoons/anime so it was no problem for me.

Florensia Western Global | F2P next-gen MMOG from Japan | afloat and ashore | www.florensia-online.com

I haven't played this for months now but it did seem one of the best free ones that i was trying at the time. I just very stupidly went on to try more f2p games and never really came back to this.

I might actually download it again and see how it is now Just thought i'd point it out in case anyone missed it.

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This is one of the anime mmo's I also enjoyed. I found the fighting at sea a bit hard in the beginning. The classes were ok though. The only ennoying thing about it that I can remember is that there was so much world chat spamming , but that goes for a lot of mmo's off course and maybe it is possible to turn it off.

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