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Imfir 20th January 2010 02:45 PM

Need 3 for Allods (no more need Three)
Edited:. We decided to just gather others in the server and just start a guild. Being it will be wiped anyways after all closed Beta testing is done it really was not a big deal, but now I can see what functions a guild has.

Looking for 3 more members to help start a Guild, just need you to reach Novograd (mainland)
Info you need to know:

Server 2
Faction - League
contacts > Xaatheals, Xaatm

just going to name it "TheOlderGamers"

trying to get the other 2 in the party to sign up to Tog they more then Qualify,

Thank you

Ariya 20th January 2010 11:13 PM

My pc is still in repair, so I'm not playing much at the moment. I'll join you as soon as I can, but by then beta might be over :(

Imfir 20th January 2010 11:27 PM

that's okay, we just want to get a guild started , so it is easier to chat and find each other.
wee all have alts, but it is kinda a pain , (well a slight inconvenience) when we are logged in one of our alts or need to leave the party for a moment. and having our alts in the Party makes it tough to add others into the party.

And I can get a peeksee of what it is like to be in a Guild, and how it functions.

The hardest part since I am just asking for someone to make a toon and play long enough to get to Novograd, is getting it where everyone is on at the same time.

I may try and make another account, and see if I can run Dual clients. Not sure I want to make a 2nd account tho :?

Iggy 21st January 2010 01:53 AM

My League IGN is Deathologist. I just started this toon so should be there shortly

Imfir 21st January 2010 02:05 AM

Right On, and welcome to Allods CBT#4

I'll log in real quick and add Deathologist to my Friends, then I'll need to get some rest.

What hours will you normally be online ?

Imfir 21st January 2010 04:05 AM


Originally Posted by biowasteman (Post 2666111)
My League IGN is Deathologist. I just started this toon so should be there shortly

Bummer, your on Server 1
thought I was spelling your name wrong or was making some other mistake, then it dawned on me, you may be on server 1, so went there, and sure enough there you were, but offline

I'm not a Fan of Server one, the community blows over there, but the Pop is good, but I would not last long playing this game if I played on server 1

Vandal 21st January 2010 02:37 PM

I'll join!
Hi Imfir, I just discovered this game by accident and signed up and got in to CBT#4 and...WOW! I only played once up to lvl 3 or 4 I think but the graphics are better than WoW and the SHIPS! We have to get a ship! I'll do anything to help get us a ship. That whole aspect is AMAZING and a long time coming I think.

I'm on server 2 but I'm on the "baddies" side, is that the League? their characters are just too cool looking, sorry. If that's not the right side do we have any members that are starting a TOG guild on that side?

I'm in STO Beta but...I keep coming back to this little gem.

Imfir 21st January 2010 11:24 PM

HI Vandal
not sure which side is Baddies, I think one thinks the other is Bad

league has the Gibblings, and Empire has the Orcs
I think everyone is waiting till open beta, I know I will want to play both sides, so chances are there could be a guild for each faction.
I have characters on Both sides now, but spend 95% of my time just playing League

Starting now in CBT#4 be tough without hardcore leveling to reach the level to use the astral ships, and there is no word yet if any are going to have easy access to gaining the parts, I heard in the RU version (were it is Live) takes over a month of hard work to get everything needed to build the ship. I still don't know how many is needed to fly the ship I suspect a full team maybe.

Yeah I never played Wow, so I guess you could be right ;)
I am sure your level 4, every one leaves the tutorial area as level 4, if you don't you start as lvl 1 again, and have to go through it all again.

I am guessing your Empire, Empire start on a ship that is being attacked.
yeah I wanna see what it will be like to be in a ship to ship battle, then bording the other ship, taking the loots and have a party :D

Vandal 23rd January 2010 12:37 PM

Right on Imfir. If I stick with it I will definitely work as hard as I can (as RL allows) to get the team a ship. I love that aspect so much I could be "cook" on the ship and still enjoy it. Docking at different Allods gives the game a real mysterious, adventure feel I think.

Yeah my 1 guy (Zardon) is Empire then. Great tutorial with voices over the intercom "repel boarders" and the like, the fire effect looked really good too in the damaged parts of the ship.

Ariya 24th January 2010 05:05 PM

It does sound good that we need a team to control the ship, in stead of this just being another way of transport. And the idea of new Allods appearing, of which we can gain the (temporarily ?) ownership, is a great idea too. Having played Aion, this even seems a better pvp system then what I have seen over there.

ps : love what you wrote in your signature Vandal, that brings back memories hehe. I think I still have an old record of the movie music of Flash Gordon ! :D

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