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Vandal 24th January 2010 08:19 AM

Allods crashing
Anyone else playing Allods experiencing this? Crash to desktop after about 20-30 min. in game or so. It just started after the last patch a day or so ago. I installed some new memory too but it tests fine and my local software runs for hours ok on it.

Imfir 24th January 2010 10:01 AM

nope, no Crash here, I have had some disconnects, something that only happened twice to me in CBT#3.
Tho I am spending more hours per day in CBT#4 too, and the timing is about consistent. Like it is telling me "okay you been on long enough, Go to bed"

Hmm don't recall reading anything about crashes either, a lot of log in problems in the tech and bug sections at the official forums

Ariya 24th January 2010 10:22 AM

This reminds me of my recent problems that I've experienced on guild wars. Could it be your videocard?

Vandal 24th January 2010 02:43 PM

I hope it's not the video card(s). I have 2 ATI 4830's in xfire mode. It worked ok for 45 min. or so the first time I was in, maybe it was 30 min.

I'm worried because I installed some new memory the other day and since then Allods and STO beta both seem to kick me after about 10-12 min. My system hasn't crashed and my local games and s/w run for hours but the online games CTD at about the same amount of play time. I posted in the Labortory forums on it just now. Is there some memory / online game specific tweak? I went from 4-8 gigs.

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