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Imfir 28th January 2010 11:21 PM

A brief of my playing as a healer in Allods
well server is under it's weekly maintenance so thought I write something about my experience of playing a Kanian Healer on Sever 2

This is just the short version, also touching up on the Bug reports. I basically been keeping a personal log of my experience so later I could recall things to explain later, but some times I neglect doing the log :rolleyes:

My life as a Healer from lvl 1-17 [short version]

I started out with plans to be a pure healer, but the heals were like “where are the heals” I thought I was doing everything right, . Well I was, just at low levels a pure healer just does not work well.
Later we lost our Tank for the party ( I was in a dedicated Party), and I am finding myself more in a soloing position, so I geared for better damage over being a better healer, but still working on the talents as a pure healer , I still plan to be a pure healer.
Now I can solo, great, but also I see I am getting back in parties again, and my heals lacked healing because I been neglecting my Luck(removed and NPC’d my Luck gear). Wow thanks guys, I switch and dump my healing gears, to be more DPS, and now I am being called for heals .. . just my luck, err lack of luck really hehe. At lvl 15, I decided to go back to being more a healer, so off came some of the gears and added some luck equipment. This was getting frustrating because the bag size is too small to carry a second set of equipment. I still am low on luck, and would feel better if it was higher but I can now keep others healed, but my soloing ability was lowered to just mobs my level maybe a 1 level up

So to the point I have reached with the healer, I can safely say, I know what I will be playing once Open Beta Starts. Healers are fun to play, you can do great DPS too, but in that type of build you have weak heals.
So playing a healer you can hit hard, kinda heal, or heal Great and kinda hit, you can’t have both at the same time [sigh]:( too bad and I guess a good thing or they would be considered an over powered Class

oh and one last thing, if your the healer, make sure you have lots of Myrrh, to get back to your party, or they be without a healer for a while and you're left smoking in Hell

Nikola 29th January 2010 08:54 PM

Anyone on EU servers?
IGN Nikolaz, Psionicist

Looking for some company :)

Ariya 30th January 2010 05:16 PM

It's a good thing that you can switch between playing as a pure healer and a DPS, Imfir. I have seen a lot of mmo's where the healer had a hard time playing solo. Healers are destined for group play off course, but it 's handy when you can solo when none of your friends are online.
The ideal in guild later would be to help the healers have two sets of equips, so that they can switch, when at a certain moment there are two healers in the party for example, one could switch from healing to dps.

Come and play on our server when the game goes in open beta, Nikola :)

Nikola 30th January 2010 06:52 PM

Why not :)

See you there.


jayarte 31st January 2010 03:25 AM


Originally Posted by Nikola (Post 2677738)
Anyone on EU servers?
IGN Nikolaz, Psionicist

Looking for some company :)

Hi, Nikolaz ^^
I will be playing on a EU server (if it is well-populated) once the game launches. I played a bit of closed beta, but I'm trying to hold out until launch before playing anymore because I get burnt out on games quite easily these days.

Imfir 31st January 2010 09:29 AM

Well you can switch to DPS gear yes, but unless you do your talents for a DPS build, your not going to be that great a DPS, but still better if just a full healer talents.
Iím not lvl 30 yet so I still can not wear plate, but I have looked what stats I gain, as a DPSíer, I would most likely be all plate there was one item tho that gave better stats that was leather, (for DPS purpose), but as a full Healer, I will almost be 50/50 cloth and Leather, which brings my Armor way down. I mean some of the plate would still help the healer side, but 1 point or 2 in some Attributes really does make a difference on heals. even as a Full healer I could see the Chest piece always being Plate, but then again there are some items out there available I just have not seen yet.
The Healer is probably the most Versatile class out there, but not the greatest at anyone thing, except single target heals, but from what I read, this does not start to show till after lvl 30. For Group heals the Paladin is the winner there, for Group HoTís the Warden, Hands down owns that department.
Also the Paladin is the only class that resurrect others while in Battle, any other class that has a rez has to do it out of battle. The Summoner has better heals then the Healer, but like I said after lvl 30, the Healer starts to become the better healer, and are not so squishy.
I have never looked into the Summoners Talent tree, so not sure if you could build a healing Summoner or not. But the Paladin can be built into a secondary healer.
Speaking of Guild, I started one on the server I play on ďNezebĒ (A.K.A. Server 2) Just to see what it is like in a guild.
The nice thing about being in a guild is it is easier to communicate with friends, and get help.
I think Allods is very, and I mean very much party orientated, many things are soloable, Yes, but many things you need a party to make life easy, also like the Astral Battles (Ship vs Ship) you need a full party to do, it takes a full party just to fly the ship.
There are still a few more days left of CBT#4, after that I will have time to fill any thing more I learned about Allods

yeah unless your an Altaohlic, it would be best to wait for open Beta, but I heard that in the EU version, they will wipe after OB, where the NA Version, they are wiping after CBT. If that is true about the EU servers, then it may be best to wait till it went live after OB

Ariya 31st January 2010 08:09 PM

How very odd that they are going to do the character wipe at a different time for the euro and NA servers. That hardly sounds fair. I think it's nice that you can keep your character after open beta, and this is the way that it's done on most of the free to play games.

Imfir 1st February 2010 05:19 AM

Well I do not read the forums on the EU Version, that is why I said "I heard that in", it could be just nasty rumors being spread on the NA forums.
I can see a wipe being done after CB, but not after OB.
But, from my experience, any testing I have done on games, the developers gave free in-game money or gears to be tested, to help better test. There has been nothing of that Sort in Allods close Beta Testing at all. Not sure if I said it here before, but these CBT's that Allods been doing, all look like open beta test with limited players, or those willing to get a Beta key. So there really should be no Wipes at all, everyone has had to build and play the game as if it was live any ways, with out any bonuses or perks or free coins.

There is still a lot of bugs to be fixed before OB, but I suspect they going to start OB sooner then they should, If they plan to do a wipe after CBT, there just has not been enough high level testing done yet.
Guess we'll see what happens this following week on the NA version

HenriDeacon 1st February 2010 12:20 PM

Imfir, I heard a while back that all beta testers will be given a prize for participating, so that's something to look forward to. I was expecting a wipe, so that's why i haven't put great effort into the game just yet.

HenriDeacon 2nd February 2010 03:00 PM

Will my character be wiped at the conclusion of the Closed Beta process?
Yes, all characters will be wiped at the end of the final Closed Beta.

Will characters I create in Open Beta be wiped?
No. All characters created in Open Beta will NOT be wiped.

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